‘It Wasn’t A Main Focus Of Mine’: It Was Never A Goal For Bronny James To Play With His Pops. He’s About ‘Creating My Own Shot’

Bronny James has been getting his fair share of support and backlash for being the Lakers’ 55th pick of the 2024 NBA draft.

People have credited his dad, LeBron James for making this happen, because most teams didn’t even have Bronny on their draft boards due to his well-chronicled health issue and inability to produce a real résumé of work in his one season at USC so teams could determine if he was more than just a name. 

The social media wars that erupted in the aftermath of Bronny being drafted, have kept the third-to-last pick of the draft in the sports discussion. His dad is happy for his son and insists that his son earned that opportunity. Bron has been unfriending anyone who has an opinion to the contrary.

Bronny James and Dalton Knecht Meet The Press

At an introductory press conference on Tuesday in California, Bronny was at the podium sitting beside Lakers’ first round draft pick, Dalton Knecht. 

Reporters weren’t holding back with the questions. They shot it straight to him and he replied with what seems to be honest answers. 

Bronny was asked what compelled him to make the decision to enter the draft with so little college experience and asked if the chance to play with his dad was a big influence.

Bronny James Says Playing With Pop Was Never A Goal

“For me, I always try to put that narrative of me trying to get my name out for myself. But just coming in and trying to get better. Rob (Pelinka) has told me that this is a great development system here. So I want to just come in and get my work in every day. I never really had a thought of me going to play with my dad. But if it’s there, I’ll take part. … It wasn’t a main focus of mine,” Bronny told reporters, denying that it was ever a goal for him to play with his dad as the media has portrayed.

Bronny James, LA Lakers 55th pick of 2024 NBA Draft, says playing with his Dad, LeBron James was never a major focus for him.
Bronny James, LA Lakers 55th pick of 2024 NBA Draft, says playing with his Dad, LeBron James, was never a major focus for him. (NBATV)

Critics have asserted that Bronny hasn’t shown an abundance of offensive skills in his abbreviated college season, and they suggest he has much work to do on his perimeter shooting and other aspects of his game. Bronny doesn’t deny that, but he also feels that those college numbers are not a reflection of his ability. 

What Does Bronny James Have To Improve Upon Before NBA Rookie Season? 

“Creating my own shot,” is what Bronny expressed was one of the aspects of his game he will focus on this summer in preparation for his rookie season. 

“I feel like I know how to play the game already and play the right way. For me, just being aggressive on the offensive end and creating my shot, because I know that’s what I can do. Just being more aggressive.” 

Time Off For Heart Attack Hindered Bronny James’ Progress Leading To Draft

Bronny feels that the time he missed on the court due to heart problems, definitely hindered his progress. So he’s looking forward to the California Classic and Vegas Summer League, where he will get consistent action, upgraded coaching and be allowed to show what he can do. 

“The time that I had off I feel like I could have been perfecting my game more,” he added. “I just feel like I’ve been given an opportunity to showcase what I can really do because I wasn’t  given that much of an opportunity at SC. So I’m excited.”

People seem to think that the press Bronny James is receiving will dwindle once the season starts, but this is only the beginning Everyone will be watching Bronny play and dissecting everything he does. Never has a second round pick commanded this kind of attention. So far he’s handling all the questions like a champ. 

When Summer League hits we will see just how much like his pops he really is. 

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