Former Colorado Recruits Aim Frustration Of Losing Scholarships At Deion Sanders And AD Rick George

Deion Sanders raising season ticket sales at Colorado already
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When Deion Sanders took the Colorado gig, he immediately rescinded scholarship offers of some players recruited by the previous regime. It’s normal protocol to do so and to be honest it really isn’t even a story; this happens at all major programs when a new coach arrives.

How Many Scholarships Did Deion Sanders Rescind?

That new coach is looking to bring in his own players, and unless the incumbent is a difference maker that they can utilize immediately, then this usually happens. So, to hear players call out Sanders and Colorado AD Rick George as if they’re doing something out of the ordinary is a bit shocking.

Sanders reportedly didn’t honor scholarship offers of as many as 13 recruits, and some of those recruits are speaking out about how things were handled upon Sanders becoming head coach.

Who is Carson Mott? 

Three-star defensive lineman Carson Mott was the first to speak out about his scholarship offer not being honored. Mott said he was notified via phone call and told very bluntly that he was no longer in the Buffaloes plans going forward, and they hung up.

In an interview with The Athletic, Mott had this to say:

“It was hectic. It was a huge mess. I actually never got contacted by Deion or any of his new on-field staff. I got called. They told me that coach Deion didn’t want to honor my commitment and hung up the phone. I was in a group chat with all the other commits, and they were all I guess freaking out, too, because a lot of us had our options closed for months after being committed to Colorado. So we hadn’t reached out to any school. It was a whole big deal.”

It hasn’t been easy for Mott to find another home on such short notice.

Mott was one of many who spoke out on the situation. But again, this is the norm when a new coach and his regime take the reins.

Did Colorado AD Rick George Lie To Colorado Recruits?

During his introductory press conference, Sanders raved about George’s honesty, but that’s not the tune these former Colorado recruits are singing. 

Tyrone McDuffie, an offensive lineman in the class of 2023, is calling our George for not keeping his promise.

Here’s what he told The Athletic:

“I was told by Rick George I was going to have a scholarship regardless of who the coach was going to be. He called me and my dad and he wanted the 2023 class to stay together. He said I was gonna have a chance to be a Colorado Buffalo regardless of who he hired. They even sent former offensive line coach Kyle DeVan down to El Paso, Texas, to talk to me and my head coach and tell me stuff is going down, but you’ll still have a chance to be a Colorado Buffalo.”

Three-star linebacker C.J. Turner chimed in as well on the matter, saying this:

“When coach Dorrell was fired, George said we were gonna have our scholarships honored. I was surprised when I got the call. It was too late in the recruiting process. I wish I was told earlier.”

It’s understandable to want to be told earlier, or better yet, have your offer honored. But that’s not how it works at any school, and especially one that just went 1-11 in 2022 and 5-19 the last two seasons. Big changes had to come, and unfortunately it meant disconnecting from a lot of what the previous regime did.

Sanders Told Players To Jump In The Portal: He’s Coming

When Sanders first met with current Colorado players, he was adamant about bringing in his own players. He even told them that the players he’s bringing — the luggage — was “Louis” in reference to high-end fashion designer Louis Vuitton.

Now, with the 29th-ranked recruiting class in tow, Sanders is definitely coming — or has he already arrived?