“Iron” Mike Tyson Stops Gunman Coming For Rosie Perez’s Sister, Who Almost Got Beaten Up By Naomi Campbell

Rosie Perez gave the world further glimpses into the uncanny life of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recently on the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson“ podcast.

Let’s just say what happens in the club was supposed to stay in the club, Rosie.

“You came back to New York, you walked into Cheetah’s, you walked in, and everybody was so in awe and terrified of you at the same time; it was like Moses parting the Red Sea. Everybody just moved the f*&k out of your way.

“I was standing towards the back and you went, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ I said, ‘What the f*&k were you thinking?’ You laughed and hugged me, and you said, ‘That motherf*&ker just got me so f*&king mad.'”

The two laughed robustly, and Tyson added, “he f*&king headbutted me man, that f*&ker!”

Perez continued her trip down memory lane with yet another unbelievable Tyson story.

“Do you remember that time that we were in the club and a guy pulled a gun out on my sister Sally?” Perez asked Tyson, who began to laugh again. “I didn’t know what to do, right? Everybody was like freaking out. I climb up the stairs, and I see Mike, and I don’t know why I said, ‘Go get Mike Tyson.’

“The guy has a gun. I said ‘Go get Mike Tyson’ in my head. I said, ‘Mike, Mike, look down there; the guy pulled a gun on my sister because she wouldn’t dance with him,’ and you went, ‘Let me go talk to him,’ and you went straight down to him.”

Perez explained how the guy had a gun outstretched when Tyson approached and, with a simple hand swipe, moved the gun towards the floor and out of a threatening position.

Coincidentally, in a Los Angeles comedy club in March of this year, a man pulled out a gun and challenged Tyson to a fight. He also defused that tense situation, with a hug.

Perez then discussed the time when Perez and her sister met Tyson and supermodel Naomi Campbell at a nightclub. The Puerto Rican actress and her sister were again around Tyson. Campbell was about to put the paws on a Perez sister after a comment about her hair.

“She was whipping her hair back and forth and it hit my sister and my sister said to you, who’s the lady with the horsehair?” Perez continued. “And you laughed so hard, and Naomi’s such a badass, she stepped right in front of my sister’s face, and she goes, ‘Say that s**t to my face.’”

Tyson erupted with laughter reminiscing over the incident, which totally confirmed that Campbell is more than a supermodel; she’s with all the smoke.


“Naomi’s always talking like she’s gonna fight somebody, so I want to see her fight somebody because she always talks about what she’s gonna do to somebody,” Tyson said. “Naomi will beat your ass though and guys don’t underestimate her.”

The life and times of Mike Tyson are pure cinema, and with every podcast and interview the insight only gets better.

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