Instagram Model Seemingly Calls Out LeBron James For Viewing Her Story | “Everyday A New Rapper, Athlete Creeping Still A No For Me”

Another day and another Instagram model looking to use a star athlete viewing her page for clout. The model who goes by the IG handle of justghazal_ was quick to share a screenshot of one King James viewing her page. In her screenshot, she took the opportunity to post this caption beside the NBA superstar, philanthropist and business mogul’s name.

“Everyday a new rapper/ athlete creeping. GM to y’all. Still a No for me.”

But all LBJ did was watch the story as any human being would. And a handle that goes by @wags unfiltered posted this along with the screenshot, clowning the IG Model for her thirst.

“HEY EVERYBODY ! HEY EVERYBAAAWWWDYYYY @justghazal_ wanted y’all to know @LeBron James watched her story like a regular human being please congratulate her.”

Seems like someone was looking for a come-up off of LBJ’s name. But it backfired miserably. She instead became the butt of the meme world and endless jokes about her failed attempt at clout.

This Isn’t The First Time An IG Model Came For LBJ

In this world of social media and handle names galore, folks will look for any opportunity to raise their profile and gain more followers. James, unfortunately, just like many other prominent athletes, is no stranger to this type of stuff.

In fact, in December 2021, an IG model who goes by the name of Sofia Jamora tried to clean up rumors after another IG model Ezra Haliti made it seem as if she had an affair with the legendary hardwood star.

Haliti made a wildly disrespectful comment that went viral.

“Am I the only one that’s not a fan of LeBron? I guess I’ve never been a fan of guys that cheat on their wives especially with @sofiajamora.”

Jamora shot down the allegations on her IG page, saying, “I was never with LeBron, nor do I know who he is.”

James and wife Savannah never even gave the accusations life, further proving they were false and made up by clout-chasers.

LBJ Has Walked The Straight And Narrow His Entire Career

Unlike many stars who seemingly get caught up in scandals, James has managed to avoid that throughout his soon-to-be 20-year NBA career. Regularly showing love to his beautiful wife Savannah, three children, Bronny, Bryce and Zhuri James, and of course his mom, Gloria James.


James is focused on getting the Lakers back to the playoffs and in contention to win a championship, after failing to qualify for the postseason this past season.

He’s been outspoken on the Brittney Griner Russian detainee situation, and in his words on his HBO show “The Shop,” he let it be known that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and it’s been that way since his first year in Miami. The kind of trouble LeBron gets into is “good trouble,” but in this world of extreme clout-chasing every now and then somebody will take a crack at the king.



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