“In Two Seconds, He Would Be … Fumbling and Bumbling”| Rob Parker And “Odd Couple” Co-Host Chris Broussard Want All Smoke With Draymond Green’s New Media

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has never been one to keep quiet. And now that his team just captured it’s fourth NBA championship in eight seasons, the loquacious vibes have turned up a few notches.

Green, who’s part of the new media movement, also hosts a podcast called “The Draymond Show.” Green recently commented on his former Warriors teammate and current Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant requesting a trade and the backlash KD has received over his nomadic career.

Green stood up for KD, saying athletes are no longer just athletes, they’re also businessmen now. That didn’t sit too well with sports media vets Rob Parker and Chris Broussard of “The Odd Couple” on Fox Sports Radio.

Parker was very vocal in his response, saying he and Broussard would destroy Green in a sports debate. Here’s what he said on their syndicated radio show.



“Draymond is just talking. This is my issue, Chris … there’s nobody to push back on him. There’s nobody to challenge him. He’s just talking, and it’s fine, but it has no context. It doesn’t make any sense. We could — in two seconds, Chris — the both of us would undress Draymond. I’m dead serious.”

 “In two seconds, he would be backpedaling, and fumbling and bumbling and throwing back the shots off the side of the backboard or airballs completely. I mean, he would just be reduced to that. Stop it, Draymond.”



Broussard even called Green “the gift that keeps on giving.”

 Seems like “The Odd Couple” crew is ready to set this new media craze straight.

 Draymond Talks Heavy On Behalf Of KD

Green’s podcast has become popular, with his unfiltered takes and honest opinions. His celebrity helps too. It lures folks in. That really seemed to be the case when he spoke on Durant being a businessman.

 “I personally, think it goes back to some things I’ve said in the past and how people generally view athletes,” Green said. “People can’t accept the fact that athletes are now businessmen and no longer just playing basketball.”

 “At some point, people have to realize and be able to accept the fact that athletes are businessmen, and we make business moves and business decisions.”



Of course, Green sees nothing wrong with Durant requesting a trade when things aren’t exactly smooth in Brooklyn. Green was one of the many Warriors players who made the trek to the Hamptons in the summer of 2016, to convince KD to sign with the record-setting 73-win Warriors. It’s a player’s league now as well and players have much more say-so about their careers.

Trading For Durant Won’t Come Cheap

With the Utah Jazz receiving five first-round picks for center Rudy Gobert, the belief is it may take even more than that to land a player of Durant’s caliber. Word around the league is there is very little traction on moving the disgruntled superstar. Reports Thursday said the Nets asked the T-Wolves for their two stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards plus four first-round picks.

If Nets GM Sean Marks really did ask for that he’s only doing it because the Jazz got a ton for a one-dimensional player in Gobert. And while he’s great at that one thing, that’s still a haul you typically unload for a superstar player.

It doesn’t look like KD will be moving away from BK unless some team is prepared to mortgage its future.

As this situation unfolds it is clear that opinions concerning KD’s business methods will surely be split along the old media vs new media lines. Rob Parker and Chris Broussard want all the smoke, because when it comes to sports debate that domain is still their court.

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