“I’m Not Sold On Tua” | Keyshawn Johnson Doubts Miami Signal-Caller’s Ability, Tyreek Hill Claps Back For His QB

All offseason the Miami Dolphins have done all they can to make starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa feel like they believe in him. New wide receiver Tyreek Hill and head coach Mike McDaniel have consistently talked positively when discussing their quarterback.

All that hype hasn’t done anything to change former No. 1 overall pick Keyshawn Johnson’s opinion of Tagovailoa. During a segment on Tuesday’s episode of his radio show “Keyshawn, JWill & Max,” the outspoken Johnson had a lot to say about the former Alabama star.

“I’m not sold on Tua, and I know the Dolphins aren’t sold on Tua, even though they want us to believe that. They tried to get three different quarterbacks in three different years, so go figure.”

If Johnson’s statement does hold merit, the way the Dolphins are drumming up their QB to be the second coming of Joe Montana, the organization has done a great job of making it look as if they do trust and believe in Tagovailoa. 

Johnson’s take got a retweet and response from Hill, who’s been extra talkative since his trade in March.

“I understand hating to a certain degree, but this ain’t it,” Hill tweeted. 

Hill would be the one to defend his QB, as he’s adopted that role since joining the team. But he also called Tagovailoa the most accurate quarterback in the league, so he’s gassed him up to the point that he now has to stand beside him in times like this.

Keyshawn got in one last parting shot. 

“Regardless whatever happens in their season, I’ll be at the Super Bowl in Arizona.”

Yup and it’s highly unlikely the Fins will be one of the teams taking the field that glorious day in February 2023.



Johnson’s Takes Lately Have Been All Over The Place But Comical As Well

Keyshawn Johnson is known as an analyst and author who speaks his mind, and this week he’s been in rare form. On Monday, Johnson gave a hilarious take on the preseason performance of Patriots quarterback Mac Jones. Likening it to a bad batch of macaroni and cheese.

“Mac Jones this preseason, to me, looked like bad macaroni and cheese with breadcrumbs on top,” Johnson said. 



“For whatever reason, and I don’t know if it’s Matt Patricia and Joe Judge, or it’s just the offensive line, or it’s the play-calling or he’s not seeing it clean, but he looks like a guy that belongs in the fourth round as opposed to the guy that we saw last year, help his team, at times, get into the playoffs. He looks like a totally different dude this preseason, I don’t know what it is. Like I said, he looked like a bad pan of macaroni and cheese.”

To Jones’ credit, the Patriots haven’t put him in a great situation with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels leaving to become the Raiders head coach. Bill Belichick didn’t hire a new offensive coordinator, instead opting to use two retreads in the aforementioned Patricia and Judge with no experience on that side of the ball.

Johnson Also Believes Justin Fields Is On Patrick Mahomes-Type Trajectory

Following a great preseason by Chicago Bears signal-caller Justin Fields, “Mr Throw Me The Damn Ball” (Johnson) says he sees a little bit of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Fields.

“You know what he has that I just picked up on?” said Johnson. “And I’m kind of just looking at it a little bit … does he have a little Patrick Mahomes in him?”


Johnson is referring to Fields now scrambling to buy time to find receivers and not running at every opportunity like he did as a rookie. That’s the growth and maturity he displayed during the preseason.

Johnson has plenty of opinions. After all, he gets paid to offer them. Let’s see if Tua Tagovailoa proved Johnson wrong and Tyreek Hill right. 


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