“I’m Lucky I’m At A Stage Of Life And My Career Where That’s A Non-Issue For Me” | Mike Tomlin Is Not Sweating A Contract Extension

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin opened his 17th training camp this week. In 16 seasons as a head coach he’s never posted a losing season.

Those kind of results don’t have you worried about a current contract with only two years remaining. He knows his worth, and so do the Steelers.

“I’m lucky I’m at a stage of life and my career where that’s a non-issue for me,” he said earlier this week when asked about an extension.

The Picture Of Stability

Under Tomlin’s leadership the Steelers have reached 10 playoffs, three conference finals and two Super Bowls, winning one in 16 seasons. They’ve only finished with a .500 record four times. He is the only coach in league history to begin his career with 16 straight non-losing seasons. He is third among active coaches with 163 regular season wins.

The Rooney family, who own the Steelers, like stability in their organization. Since 1969 the franchise has only had three coaches; Chuck Knoll, Bill Cowher, and Tomlin.

For comparison the New York Jets are on their third head coach since 2018.

Tomlin can coach the Steelers as long as he wants and still enjoys the process. By all accounts he’s as competitive as ever and believes there are more victories out there for him to earn.

“I think I’m more focused now, hyper-focused, and not distracted by things that are irrelevant. It’s a really cool place to be. I’ve always enjoyed what I do and who I do it with, and I think there’s greater purity in that when you get to that space.”

Hall Of Fame Coaching Career

What Tomlin has done in his career as a head coach is mythical. This is a Hall of Fame coaching resumé. He may not have enough Super Bowl victories for some people’s liking, but titles are hard to win. Sustaining excellence over almost two decades is almost impossible.

“I’ve just been in some great places, around some impactful people, and I’m thankful of that. I want (another title) for the people I’m with, the people that don’t know what it’s about,” said Tomlin. “It’s the pursuit of rare air, and it forever changes you when you win it. Everybody talks it, but not a lot of people are capable of living it.”

He’s lived it.

In a league that at best has been unkind to Black coaches, Tomlin should be spoken about among the all-time greats for his accomplishments.

One day he likely will have a losing season because that’s just how it goes. The longer you coach the more opportunities for struggle and bad luck to happen.

But no matter how the season finishes, Tomlin’s approach and mindset will be measured and inspired. That’s how you have 16 consecutive non-losing seasons in a league designed for parity.

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