“I’ll Spare You The Tears You’d Cry Knowing What My Paycheck Was To Come And Jiggle A Lil Ass” | Iggy Azalea Claps Back At Raiders Beat Writer

(Getty Images/Tashan Reed Twitter)

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea was the halftime performer at Sunday’s Las Vegas Raiders home game against the Houston Texans.ย The Athletic’s Raiders beat writer Tashan Reed was apparently not thrilled with Azalea’s performance or the BBQ being served at Allegiant Stadium.

“BBQ and Iggy Azalea performing at halftime is gonna make me depressed,” Reed tweeted.

Apparently the Azalea hive caught wind of his disrespect of their queen and she had a message for the beat writer.

“If you think you’re depressed now I’ll spare you the tears you’d cry knowing what my paycheck was to come and jiggle a lil ass,” Azalea quote-tweeted.

Reed and Azalea had a nice GIF battle in their back and forth. Reed sent the Alonzo Mourning on the bench, coming to terms with a blowout loss and Azalea sent a dog GIF with the caption “sorry.”

But the back and forth didn’t end on Sunday after the Raidersโ€™ 38-20 victory. It continued on Monday.

Reed tweeted video of his gym where one of Azalea’s songs was playing on the speakers. Azalea quote-tweeted the video with a caption.

“See, happy endings aren’t just in movies.”

This was a good exchange for both of them. Reed probably picked up some followers as a result of the interaction with a famous person. Azalea gets to be seen as relatable going back and forth with someone on Twitter.

It’s a win-win.

The “Fancy” rapper began a relationship with then-Los Angeles Lakers baller Nick Young in 2013. In 2015, they announced their engagement. In 2016, Azalea announced that she and Young had split after a video leaked on the internet showing Young bragging about cheating on Azalea. Young’s then-teammate, D’Angelo Russell, shot the video of Young saying he cheated on Azalea.

“Unfortunately although I love Nick and have tried to rebuild my trust in him โ€“ It’s become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to,” Azalea wrote on Instagram at the time. “I genuinely wish Nick the best. It’s never easy to part ways with the person you planned you’re [sic] entire future with, but futures can be rewritten and as of today mine is a blank page.”

Azalea dated Playboi Carti in 2018. They broke up in 2019 and in 2020 Azalea gave birth to a son, Onyx, by Carti. Azalea alleged Carti cheated on her and refused to sign the birth certificate.

“His team has been calling about the interview, hoping for my silence because they know what my reaction would be. I do appreciate being called a great mom but when thatโ€™s not reflective of what he has to say in real life I’d much rather be left out of being mentioned at all,” Azalea said about Carti’s comments on her being a good mother.

She is currently working on an album with controversial Canadian rapper Tory Lanez, who has been accused of shooting fellow rapper Megan The Stallion. Azalea has received backlash over collaborating with Lanez, but it hasn’t swayed her.

“You’re all very welcome to speak your opinion freely about meโ€ฆ just as long as we all have an understanding: you are having a monologue & not a discussion with me โ€“ because (respectfully) my bills remain paid without your two cents.”

No release date on the new project from Azalea, executive produced by Lanez.