If The Lakers Think They Can Lure ‘Melo To L.A., They’re Living In La la Land

Carmelo Anthony's return to his "home" in New York hasn't gone as planned. He signed a four-year extension after getting off the flight from Denver, however, his deal has an escape clause for the summer of of 2014. Anthony hasn't shown any indications that he has wandering eyes, but the Lakers are getting desperate and getting let down gently by Dwight Howard has been devastating to every Angelino, but Kobe Bryant's self-esteem.

The Lakers have experience jacking the Knicks superstars and turning them into championship pieces. Spencer Haywood and Bob McAdoo couldn't co-exist as Knicks, but they  c'hips as Lakers. It's just another stray rumor, but Carmelo Anthony may be the next Knick to switch coasts if the Lakers have their way. However, pairing Anthony would Bryant would be a monumental mistake for the new Buss era.

At this point in his career, Kobe Bryant's worth is as a scorer. That's Anthony's only value. You can only run iso with one ball.

Besides who's their big man? Do we even have to point out who the Lakers head coach is? Even if they promise to fire D'Antoni, it probably smells like his cologne in the locker room, his mustache hair is going to take months to vacuum out of the carpet and there are Pringles embedded in crevices throughout Staples Center.

This is more ridiculous as expecting LeBron James to ditch tropical Miami, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for  L.A.'s palm trees and a ton of cap space. Carmelo's the one married to her, but these rumors are based  in La la Land logic. TMZ probably won't even run it.

Anthony isn't winning a title as your best player and the Lakers are too finesse in their current form to make a run with him and Bryant. These LeBron and Melo pipe dreams  have talked Lakers fans off the edge of the cliff, but it's time to get back to reality. Haywood and McAdoo made the move as role players on championship-ready rosters. Give it a few years, but it's not realistic.

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