‘I Think Everybody’s Getting Tired of It’ | Reports Indicate NFL Owners Are Collaborating to Make Dan Snyder NFL’s Donald Sterling

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To say Daniel Snyder’s tenure as the owner of the Washington Commanders football franchise has been tumultuous would be putting it nicely. The embattled owner has long been the brunt of fans’ social media outbursts and memes.

During Snyder’s tenure (1999 to present), a once proud franchise has turned into a laughingstock with accusations of a misogynistic and, at times, racist culture. Making the overall cultural identity of the franchise worse is the fact that fans are uninterested and unhappy with the on-field product and direction of the club. While Snyder has managed to escape sticky situation after sticky situation, this latest one may be the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back.”



It’s been reported that Snyder kept revenue that was supposed to go to visiting teams. That has led to other owners reportedly ready to oust the Commanders owner.

One owner had this to say about the situation.

“If that happened (withholding ticket revenue), I think that’s the nail in the coffin. For the first time, there’s been chatter. We should really think about doing something if they find something there.”

Snyder is messing with their bottom line. Is that where they finally draw the line?

Another anonymous owner told USA Today the following …

“There’s growing frustration about the Washington situation and not over one issue, but over how much smoke there is. I think everybody’s getting tired of it.

“There are some owners who believe the league will be better off with a different owner in Washington.

To oust any NFL owner requires a 75 percent vote, which means 24 of the league’s 32 owners have to vote yes for the move.



Are Owners Finally Fed Up Enough To Remove Snyder? He’s Avoided Danger In The Past


Dan Snyder has never really been in danger of losing his franchise despite multiple accusations and allegations since he’s been the owner in D.C. The NBA was much more aggressive and swift with ousting Donald Sterling after his side piece recorded him using racially offensive language with her during conversations.

A lot more has happened under Synder’s watch with Washington’s football team, but so far he’s dodged every bullet. Even allowed a team name change after years of rejecting the notion and the feelings of Native Americans.

A July 2020 bombshell report by The Washington Post detailed the toxic culture in the workplace, which included three former team employees being accused of the sexual harassment of 15 women.

That number grew to 42 in August of that same year as 27 more women came forward. In December 2020, it was reported that the team paid a former female employee $1.6 million in settlement funds after she accused Snyder himself of sexual misconduct.

That forced Snyder’s former minority owners to accuse him of corporate delinquency. They wanted him to sell his majority ownership to one of them. Snyder then bought the three out in March 2021, after NFL owners approved it via a waiver.

In July 2021, Snyder and the team were fined $10 million and he was suspended, and forced to turn over day-to-day to his wife.

Team Underwent Name Change In February: Two Playoff Wins In 23 Years

After years of blowback for its former Redskins name, this past February the team became the Commanders after a nationwide search.


Things under Snyder have never been great no matter the name, with the team tallying a 156-212 record, with just two playoff wins. The team also has just six winning seasons in 23 years under his leadership. Not to mention eight head coaches, further displaying the lack of stability in the franchise.

It’s time for new leadership in Washington, and for a lifelong fan of the franchise a change in ownership would be a jolt the fan base desperately craves.