“I Know We This, But We Ain’t That” | Deion Sanders Mourns Takeoff’s Death, Bans JSU Players From Leaving Texas Hotel

The 8-0 Jackson State Tigers will travel to Houston this week to face SWAC foe Texas Southern. A win will inch the Tigers one step closer to a consecutive trip to the SWAC championship game. Even with a two-game lead over each Eastern division rival, the Tigers want to execute and play as if they have no room for error. As the team prepares in Jackson, Mississippi, they were hit with the news that Takeoff of the legendary rap group Migos was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Houston Texas.

The news spread fast, as many initially believed it was a hoax.

Following the news of Takeoff’s senseless and tragic death, Coach Prime told his players that they wouldn’t be permitted to leave the hotel during their upcoming trip.

“Takeoff was murdered in a dice game in Houston. Where we’re going. So that eliminates all y’all leaving the hotel because it ain’t happening until I give you further notice. So whatever her name is, whoever she is, parents, everybody, they gon’ come to the hotel to visit you, because y’all ain’t leaving.”

Smart move by Coach Prime. He’s responsible for those student-athletes and when he walked into their respective homes, he promised those families he’d take care of their children as if they were his own. And this is the type of move that reeks of just that.

Deion Expresses Displeasure With So Many Senseless Deaths

As Sanders explained to his team the pain he’s feeling from seeing influential people that resonate with young Black males slain, he also went into what you must do once you’re able to make it out of the hood.

“I’m just sick and tired of the consistency of the people that are influential to you are leaving us consistently, that’s our rappers. Sooner or later, we gotta start changing our addresses, guys. That’s an analogy to say, I know we this, but we ain’t that. We gotta leave behind what we once did. You’re not whoever you were a year ago. You’re not even who you’re going to be a year from now, which is a blessing. But you can’t continuously do the things you’ve always done and expect to get the results.”

Sanders and the JSU program are no stranger to dealing with tragedy as it pertains to rappers. Last November, Memphis rapper Young Dolph, a good friend of Sanders and the program, was gunned down as he left a popular cookie spot in Memphis. This came not too long after he was seen celebrating a homecoming win with the Tigers.

Sanders concluded his speech/talk by telling his players that sooner or later you have to be willing to separate yourself for the betterment of yourself. He also told his players that everyone is valuable.

Tigers Are Playing At A High Level

Following last week’s 35-0 shellacking of SWAC rival Southern with ESPN’s “College GameDay” in town, the Tigers have outscored their opponents 311-71 this season. That’s an average of 39-9, and with Shedeur Sanders playing well the belief is the Tigers are poised to head back to another Celebration Bowl appearance.

While that’s the goal, Coach Prime will have to rally his guys and prep them in the midst of another in-season tragedy, of someone they’re all very familiar with.

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