“I Have Never Heard Of This Group. I Have Never Heard Of This.” | Hungry Kid At Chicago Sky WNBA Game Goes Viral Over Comments Made About Being At Game For The Food

The WNBA is continuously trying to increase fan support in an effort to move out of the shadows of the NBA. While that’s probably never going to happen, one area of focus that the WNBA tries to tap into is the youth. At almost every game you see a group of children from a local team, athletic club or boys and girls club.

That was the case as the Chicago Sky played its final regular season home game. A local Boys and Girls Clubs in the Chicago area attended the festivities, and an interviewer attempted to ask one young man about the team, but he was seemingly only interested in the food.

Here’s how the exchange played out. 

Interviewer: “You look like you’re here with a bunch of friends. Are these all your friends?”

Kid: “No”

Interviewer: “Do you like the Chicago Sky? It looks like you do.”

Kid: “I’ve never heard of this group. I have never heard of this.”

Interviewer: “You know they won the championship, right?”

Kid: “No”

Interviewer: “Well, now you do.”

Kid: “Now I do, but I still don’t know anything else.”

Interviewer: “What are you looking forward to today with this group?”

Kid: “The buffet!”

Interviewer: “We should get you on the court today, huh?”

Kid: “OK”

Interviewer: “Let me see you shoot your threes.”

Kid: “I don’t shoot threes.”

At the very least, the interviewer got an entertaining exchange out of it. Most kids his age would’ve probably had the same answers. The answers probably wouldn’t have been that much different if that same kid was at an NBA game. He was obviously just there for the free food. 

Kid’s Reaction Is How Most Kids Feel About Sports, Especially When They Play

The little boy’s reaction was funny, and it showed that kids are just not that impressed or worried about who’s playing or the final results of the game. Many times, they are at the stadium for the experience. 

Which is why it’s baffling to see so many adults act like imbeciles during youth, high school and professional sporting events. Take for instance the killing of youth coach Mike Hickmon last week at the hands of former NFL player Aqib Talib and his brother Yaqub. While Aqib didn’t pull the trigger, his actions prior led to the fracas, inciting the tragically unnecessary situation. 

Kids watched in horror, believing they’d line up shake hands with the opponent and get their postgame snack bag.  Instead, they witnessed cold-blooded murder because adults can’t control their emotions.

Kids are innocent, and this kid’s reaction to the bevy of questions once again proved just that. It’s just not that serious. 



WNBA Fans Respond To The Kid’s Blatant Honesty

Some fans say the kid was roasting the WNBA product without even knowing. Another person insinuated that the WNBA got kids taking field trips to games because no one else wants to go. Any situation that brings attention to the WNBA playoffs is positive for the league’s quest for increased notoriety, salaries and respect.  Oh, the hilarity of it all. The kid just showed us that children don’t pay attention to things like that. They’re too busy being kids and looking to eat, drink and be merry. This video will forever go down in viral infamy.

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