NFL Twitter Destroys Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley For Claiming He’s Among The NFL’s Elite Despite Having One Just 1,000-Yard Season | Trevor Lawrence Says No Cap

Calvin Ridley was recently reinstated after serving a year-long suspension for betting on NFL games. Last season, the Falcons traded him to the Jaguars before the NFL’s trade deadline. He recently spoke with media for the first time since he has been in Jacksonville and made some bold statements.

Calvin Ridley in pregame workouts as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. (Photo: Getty Images)

Talking Crazy

Ridley spoke with local media on Wednesday about what he expects from himself this season.

“What I am saying is I am a 1,400-yard receiver with a broke foot,” Ridley said Wednesday from Phase 1 of the team’s offseason program. “So I know that I can make the plays and I know that I am one of the better receivers in this league.”

The six-year veteran has registered only one 1,000 yard receiving season in his career. In addition to missing all of the 2022 season due to his suspension, he also missed the majority of the 2021 season. Ridley is looking to revitalize his career this season and bring some explosiveness to the Jaguars offense.

“I can be that player they try to get the ball to [on the] first play of the game,” Ridley said to the media on Wednesday. “I can get that energy going, pop off first play.”

He also spoke about how he spent his time off.

“They say ‘two years off,’ but what about the healing process? What if I got faster and stronger? I certainly got wiser, so why not?” he said.

He added, “I used the whole suspension to get back to being Calvin Ridley.”

Fans Let Him Have It

Fans did what they always do on Twitter and threw shade in the comments.

“Did he ask if you want to bet on it?” Andrew Patterson wrote.

Another fan wrote, “Best gambler in the league for sure.”

“Does he want to bet on that?” someone else wrote.

Other fans took shots at Ridley for his betting suspension and pointed out other wide receivers around the league that they feel are better than him.

Does Anyone Believe Calvin Ridley Is Elite?

Despite the jokes fans made about Ridley, Trevor Lawrence believes in his new weapon.

“He’s been awesome,” Lawrence said. “He’s hungry. He’s excited to be here. He’s got the right attitude. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve noticed and then on the field, I mean, he’s a freak. Just the way he runs routes, how explosive he is, great hands. Seems like he’s picking stuff up. I’m just excited to have him a part of our room. It seems like he’s really jelling with the guys great.”

It is reported that Lawrence and Ridley have already had three or four throwing sessions along with the other Jaguars wide receivers. It seems like the Jaguars are possibly ready to take that next step and build on the momentum the team had last season.

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