Desmond Carter Accused Of Raping Inebriated LSU Student Madison Brooks, Who Was Later Hit And Killed By Car | Carter Maintains It Was Consensual

Louisiana high school football player Desmond Carter, who’s only 17, is being charged an adult in the rape and subsequent death of LSU student Madison Brooks. Reports are Carter, a senior cornerback at Walker High School near Baton Rouge, and three of his friends picked up Brooks at a local hangout spot and offered to take her home. Brooks who was drunk, was allegedly raped by Carter and friend Kaivon Deondre Washington. She was then left drunk in the street, prior to being hit and killed by an oncoming car. 

Washington has been charged with third-degree rape, and although Carter is a still a minor, he’s being charged with first-and-third degree rape. Under Louisiana state law, the talented 17-year-old could face life in prison. Although Brooks seemed to be held against her will, Carter wasn’t indicted by a grand jury on any counts of kidnapping. 

The two other men present, Casen Carver, who’s 18, and 28-year-old Everett Lee, who’s the aforementioned Washington’s uncle, were also charged as accessories, both claimed they witnessed the act, but did not participate. 

Video Showed Brooks Innocence

In a 29-second video that was released by Brooks’ lawyer there’s a dialogue that went like this ….

“I’m sorry that I offended you that bad.” she says. While one of the men can be heard saying: “Take her home.” 

Carter allegedly responds saying …

“I’m sorry that your feelings got hurt,” later in the video.

Brooks demands to be let out of the car, and begins yelling …

“Get out, get out, get out. I’ll Uber myself,” as the man allows her out of the vehicle.

With a blood-alcohol content of 0.319%, which is nearly four times the state of Louisiana’s limit, Brooks was reportedly too inebriated to consent to sex, therefore prosecutors are claiming she was raped. 

While the defendant’s lawyers are claiming the sex was consensual. They’re also laying claim to having a video that supports their innocence.

Judge Sees It The Prosecution’s Way 

During a hearing overseen by District Judge Brad Myers, the court found the evidence was enough to go forward the prosecution, which is not good for Carter and the others. 

“The evidence to me is clear,” Myers said during a bond hearing. 

The Brooks family lawyer Kelly Miller said this about the situation. 

“She was raped. Rape is rape. It’s just a horrific, terrible situation,” Kelly Miller, the Louisiana attorney representing the Brooks family, told Fox News Digital in an interview. “And to the extent that those involved with the alleged rapist want to blame the victim and show up at press conferences and say things. We’re standing up for Maddie. That’s not right.”

“She was a victim of a horrific rape, which led to her death.”

In the end a life was unfortunately lost, and some others are about be affected forever. 

Carter is 17, and although he doesn’t have a lot of college interest as of yet, the belief is he is talented enough to play at the next level. That doesn’t look promising at the moment, due to the magnitude of this situation. 

Carter Has History Of Alleged Sexual Assaults

Washington has a history of alleged rapes attached to his name. In 2020 he was 16 and the victim was 12 according to court documents. In 2022, he got into another situation with a young woman.  

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