Hip-Hop and Sports Combine For A True Tribute To Atlanta | Late Rapper Takeoff’s Funeral To Be Held At State Farm Arena

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 02: Rapper Takeoff of the the Migos performs during halftime during Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks game at State Farm Arena on April 02, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Kirshnik Khari Ball better known as the rapper Takeoff, who was murdered last week, will have his funeral service held at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Music by the group that he helped make world famous, Migos, was often played throughout NBA arenas. Their rap hits also blazed the pop charts and became the soundtrack for venues throughout the sports world. 

The late rapper was murdered on November 1st in Houston, Texas over an alleged argument involving a dice game gone wrong. He was with his uncle and fellow Migos rapper Quavo at the time he was shot and killed. 

The world is mourning Takeoff’s passing, and while many celebrities were tweeting and posting about his death, the state of Georgia is going to new heights to celebrate his life. 

They are picking the home arena of the Atlanta Hawks to host his funeral, and are reportedly sold out of tickets, according to 11 Alive. He will get a sendoff befitting a king, and few will argue that we are losing a cultivator of one of hip-hop’s truly transcending collectives. 

“According to the arena in downtown Atlanta, tickets were made available at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. On Wednesday at noon, the arena said tickets were sold out and that capacity for the event was reached. Those who bought a ticket must be Georgia residents, and they were free of charge. Organizers said you could only get two tickets. Those who wish to pay their respects could get tickets at Ticketmaster.”

The rapper meant a lot to hip-hop, especially in Atlanta’s hip-hop community, which is very rich and popular with the amount of talent they produce. Jermaine Dupree put Atlanta R & B and Hip-Hop on the map. OutKast took it to next levels delivering a lyrical swagger comparable to Northeast rappers. As the 2000s dawned upon us an explosion of rappers from Atlanta shot to the top of the charts, one after the other, from T.I to Ludacris. Atlanta slowly became the  new mecca of rap and besides for iconic artists like Gucci Mane, and Jeezy, the Migos were the new and innovative group that took over the city. They are the most prominent group in rap right now and hold a lot of influence on hip-hop. 

Not only was he special to the community of Atlanta, but he and the Migos had a very special bond with the Atlanta Hawks, the residing team of State Farm Arena. It was Quavo in fact, who had given Trae Young the name “Ice Trae” upon the Hawks drafting the Oklahoma guard. 

The Atlanta Hawks on the other hand are having a good start to the season, clocking in at 7-3 so far. The duo of Young and newly acquired guard Dejounte Murray has been bearing fruit in the season’s early stages. The Hawks may have finally found the system that works for them under head coach Nate McMillan. 

More importantly, the Atlanta Hawks will be playing their best basketball in order to try and bring a championship back to Atlanta for Takeoff. The relationship between the Migos and Atlanta is strong, and it runs deep. The city’s love for the group and their reciprocation of that love can’t be understated. Takeoff and his bandmates have inspired a generation of young children of color to dream big. This is why it makes absolute sense that the late Takeoff’s funeral is held at the State Farm Arena to honor his legacy. 

It isn’t just the Atlanta Hawks showing love to Takeoff either, the Atlanta Falcons also held a miniature tribute to the fallen Migos member. Hopefully, the sendoff for Takeoff will be peaceful and showcase all that he’s done for the community and hip-hop.