He Puts The Freak In “Greek Freak” | Giannis Has Some Very Suggestive Comments Under His Girlfriend’s Post

Giannis left some suggestive tweets under his girlfriend's post
(Youtube screenshot/NBADates)

Giannis Antetokounmpo lives up to his nickname the “Greek Freak” both on and off the court. 

Every now and then fans wonder how some of these rich and famous athletes live with their beautiful girlfriends and wives off the court. Giannis is giving them some insight after the latest comment he left under his woman’s Instagram post. 

According to multiple sources, Giannis commented with some eggplant emojis under his girlfriend’s Instagram post, insinuating that he wants some “adult time” with her. 

But that wasn’t the only comment he left under her post. As a matter of fact, Giannis left a thread of comments under her post, letting her know how he truly feels about her and what activity he wanted to partake in with her when she got back to him. 

Under his girlfriend Mariah Riddlespringer’s post with a caption that read “Dear self, don’t ever let anyone dim your light.”, comments such as “Put the kids to bed and cmon”, “When do you get home?”, and “You look beautiful” were serenaded with eggplant emojis, heart emojis, and princess emojis from Giannis. 

This is the type of treatment everyone wants from their man on their social media and public posts. I’m sure she was flattered, but on top of that, the world was sort of reintroduced to the Greek Freak and his sex life.

Giannis obviously knew that these comments were public, and he simply did not care who saw or knew about them. Though if his children ever stumble upon these when they get older, it will be a hilarious conversation to have. 

Giannis and Mariah Riddlespringer Have Dated For Years 

Giannis and Riddlespringer have been dating for years and have two children together. They’re known to troll each other and roast each other on social media. Their antics have been the stuff of lighthearted jabs and jokes. The complete opposite from the toxic relationships that are exploited on social media for money. 

Plenty of fans failed to get that message based on how they were reacting. Many were surprised to see this side of Giannis so publicly, while others assumed that he may not know that everyone could see the comments that he put under her post. 

He knows.

When you’re a two-time MVP and an NBA Champion, sometimes you stop caring about how others perceive you publicly. Especially with the person that you love.

Giannis Has Always Been A Jokester

This is nothing new to Giannis though, he’s been a goofball since the world found out about him, even before he entered the NBA. He’s always liable to laugh, tell corny dad jokes, and play around and play tricks on the media for giggles. But my personal favorite is the WWE Wrestling skit that he and his Milwaukee Bucks counterparts do as a pregame ritual in the tunnel. 

This is why he’s a media darling, and still one of the players that give guys nightmares the night before facing them. He always has an upbeat attitude and seems to be thankful for everything he has, because he never forgets the simple means that he and his family come from. 

So him exposing a small portion of his and his girlfriend’s intimacy is nothing for him because he’s one of the most transparent and loveable athletes we’ve ever seen.