Happy Birthday Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on this day, June 7th, in 1958. Today would have been his 59th birthday. The funny thing is that the legendary musical artist, musician, singer, producer and arranger never celebrated his birthday.

He was a member of the Jehovah’s Witness faith, a group that, as a rule, doesn’t celebrate birthdays. He also reasoned that the practice of treating the day just like any other stopped him from counting days, which in turn stopped him from counting time.

One Year Since Prince’s Passing

In an interview he once did with Mel B at his Paisley Park mansion, he addressed the matter by saying, “We came here not knowing that we were gonna die. Somebody told us that. And if we never knew we were gonna die, we wouldnt celebrate a birthday. I’ll celebrate the day I die.”

In April, we celebrated the one-year anniversaryof his passing, still numb at the fact that the man who left such a treasure trove of brilliant work was no longer with us. Today, we celebrate his birth and say thank you. He didn’t celebrate the day while alive, but like he said, I’m sure he’s jamming and having the baddest birthday party the after-world has ever seen.

Prince and the Revolution – Let’s Go Crazy – Cassette – 1984

Released July 18, 1984. From the album, Prince and the Revolution – Music From The Motion Picture Purple Rain, released June 25, 1984. Let’s Go Crazy charted #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100, #1 U.S. Billboard Hot R&B Singles, #1 U.S. Billboard hot Dance Club Songs, #2 Canada, #10 Australia, #11 Netherlands, #7 U.K., #13 New Zealand, 1984-85.

Happy birthday, Prince.  

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