Google Wants In On The NFL Market, And Vice Versa

The NFL and Google have had discussions about moving the league's Sunday Ticket package from DirecTV to Youtube after the deal with DirecTV expires at the end of next year. Google is expected to be looking at paying more than the $1 billion paid by DirecTV, but that's a byproduct of the league anticipating a 30 percent revenue hike due to the most recent collective bargaining agreement. 

Business Insider argues that for Google, a U.S.-based sports league isn't that major of an investment for a global company with global ambitions. But it was also noted that this could be part of Google's push to break into the TV market, and on the league's side, it's an open secret that there are hopes of expanding its brand globally. 

This is something to keep an out for – the web possibly using football to take over television and football using the web to take over the world.