Good Morning: Yu Darvish Is Toying With The American League

Yu Darvish lost his perfect game on a poor call in last night's game, but dominated the Houston Astros (again), chalking up 15 strikeouts. Darvish has recorded 14+ strikeouts in five games this season, while the rest of MLB has just three.

Here's a GIF of the call which immediately led to a walk and AJ Pierzynski's ejection.


Usain Bolt reveals the power to his speed: The Jamaican Yellow Yam.


Deadspin got their Manti Te'o investigation skills out and did a number on Johnny Manziel. This one is rather interesting.

It turns out the Manziels are a much more colorful and interesting bunch than any of the profiles thus far have indicated. Their fortune was indeed made in oil—wildcatting, specifically—but there were also family sidelines in cockfighting, small-time grifting, match-fixing, and, if you believe the federal indictments, cocaine-trafficking and murder. In fact, the first great sporting success under the family name wasn't Johnny Football; it was the Manziel grey gamefowl, bred by Johnny's great-grandfather. The Manziels arrived in Texas after cockfighting was outlawed, but they wound up with a breed named after them anyway.

That's the story of the Manziels in America. It's the story of making money just this side (and occasionally that side) of the rules.


Another report on Manziel puts him at two more autograph signing sessions.


Mike Shanahan says there's no way he'll play RG3 during the preseason.


Sources say LeBron James decided against running for president of the NBPA.


The fan who threw a banana at Adam Jones came forward to apologize and say it wasn't racially motivated, he was just frustrated. 


A fan died falling from the upper deck at Turner Field shortly after a two-hour rain delay. 


Louisville and Miami both banned players for signing autographs at team events citing recent scandals.


Plaxico Burress had surgery which officially rules him out for this season.


Jamaal Charles was carted off the field yesterday but it turns out he just has a foot sprain and he'll be fine.


The Army confirms they'll play more games at Yankee Stadium.





Big Sean drops another new track with Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica.


?uestlove, Rakim, Alchemist and several other hip-hop heads breakdown the importance of Yo! MTV Raps.


Rakim, by the way, is working on new material.


Pusha T spoke with Hypetrak after his performance at The Boiler Room, discussing hip-hop in 2013 and his upcoming projects.


Chevy Woods reps for his J's.





North Korea has an army of 3,000 internet trolls, tasked with spreading the good word about the regime. It's like the NSA-lite. They're also attempting to make cell phones.


Eric Holder formally announced the DOJ's intention to revamp the justice system and remove things like mandatory minimum sentences, a move that was praised by both sides, though also called "five years late."


Your co-pay and out-of-pocket costs are about to temporarily skyrocket as Obamacare is implemented.


The NSA wants to deploy the equivalent of a "Star Wars" defense technology that has the capability to locate potential cyberattacks and prevent them from ever happening by giving them real-time access to computers. It has virtually no chance of happening (legally) due to the current backlash against the NSA.

Under this proposal, the government would latch into the giant “data pipes” that feed the largest Internet service providers in the United States, companies like A.T.&T. and Verizon. The huge volume of traffic that runs through those pipes, particularly e-mails, would be scanned for signs of anything from computer servers known for attacks on the United States or for stealing information from American companies. Other “metadata” would be inspected for evidence of malicious software.


Here's a great piece on Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald, the two people most responsible for getting Edward Snowden's story accurate and online.


Orleans Parish in New Orleans will refuse to take any more federal prisoners from federal immigration authorities, a movement that is growing in the South. They can't handle the overwhelming requests and have many problems with their own prison system that needs fixing before they can deal with the feds' problems, like this

While the lawsuit was making its way through the courts, the Justice Department was investigating the jail for widespread constitutional violations. As part of this investigation, federal officials found that staff members who were supposed to track detention requests appeared “to rely upon memory or handwritten notes on files,” and in any case, could not communicate with the detainees in Spanish.


Rick Santorum says talk of social classes is "Marxism" and that it doesn't exist in America. Seriously, what a f**king moron.





Stop-and-frisk was given the boot by yet another judge, but targets of the policy don't expect anything to change on the street.

“They’ve been talking about the stop-and-frisk thing for five, six, seven years and nothing’s changed,” said Gregory Campbell, 41. “They just say it, say it, say it, but the cops come out here and keep doing it. It’s going to take a lot more than just talk.”





Fab spits a hot freestyle for DJ Drama and DJ Whoo Kid's latest project which you can download in full here.