Good Morning: Tony Romo Continues Setting Records in November

Tony Romo set a record for touchdown passes on Thanksgiving with his 18th score on Turkey Day, leading the Dallas Cowboys over the Oakland Raiders 31-24. Of course, it's not much of a surprise that the Cowboys won on Turkey Day, as it's their annual celebration before Romo's December swoon.


The Detroit Lions annihilated the woeful Green Bay Packers from all angles, dropping 40 points, sacking Matt Flynn six times, while adding a score on special teams. Detroit looks like they're playoff-bound, even if they don't always appear battle-tested. On the other hand, if Aaron Rodgers doesn't make it back next week, the Packers can begin packing up.


The Baltimore Ravens withstood a late surge from the Pittsburgh Steelers and a slick move from Mike Tomlin to win the marquee matchup on Thanksgiving, 22-20. Tomlin did what he could in the second quarter when Jacoby Jones streaked down the sideline on a kickoff return. Check where he was standing.

Tomlin later claimed he was watching the kick return on the big screen, as he usually does, and didn't realize. This look just after, however, says otherwise.

The Ravens weren't too please after, but in good spirits after the win, Joe Flacco said Tomlin, "stole my move."


Jason Kidd was fined $50,000 for intentionally spilling water on the court so he could draw up a play once he was out of timeouts. Amateur hour in BK.


Alabama State RB and former UGA RB Isaiah Crowell will enter the 2014 NFL draft.




Mac Miller dropped some new music under his alias, Larry Fisherman.


Cormega and Raekwon collaborate on "Honorable."





Paul Krugman takes a look at the ignored successes of Obamacare in reducing medical spending, glossed over during the website woes.


18 people were killed execution-style outside of Baghdad.




Joey Bada$$ drops a new track as a part of his collaboration with Akomplice Clothing over a beat produced by J Dilla.