Good Morning: The Spurs and Grizz Went At It Again

Mike Conley thought he did the Grizzlies a favor by forcing overtime, but all he did was give Manu Ginboli the dagger.


Kevin Durant tied his season-high with 48 points against the Jazz.


But Gordon Heyward scored a career high 37 points against the Thunder, en route to a 112-102 win for Utah.


Josh Smith for the….loss.


The Oakland Raiders will keep coach Dennis Allen for next season. However, one of his assistants, Tony Sporano, is likely heading to Tampa to work with Lovie Smith.


A search warrant ties Aaron Hernandez to a 2012 double murder.


Anyone surprised? Looks like the NFL short-changed the players on the concussion settlement.

“If you’re a vegetable and can’t do anything, you’ll get money, but if you’re struggling every day and can’t sleep, you don’t get any money,” said Fred Smerlas, an All-Pro nose tackle who played 14 seasons with the Buffalo Bills, the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots. “This is no settlement, this is window dressing. It’s hard for someone with a bow tie and a pipe to know what’s going on in our heads.”


The US Patent Office is taking aim at the Redskins, and could soon take away rights to make money from the offensive term, meaning knockoffs could render merchandising useless.


A FIFA official cast more doubt over whether the 2022 World Cup will be played during the summer.


Here are the top ten plays from last nights NBA action.




Spike Lee is trying to convince Ray Allen to film a He Got Game sequel.


Flying Lotus' film Imperial Dreams will be shown at Sundance.


Kanye West announced additional tour dates in February.


Kid Ink drops a new video with MGK and Elle Varner.





President Obama will name five "promise zones" in the US which will have larger tax incentives to help poor communities.


Enjoying your flatscreen? Well curved TVs are making a comeback.




A$AP Ferg drops a new victory anthem.