Good Morning: Peyton Manning’s TD Record Was The Most Normal Thing To Happen On Sunday

It wasn't much of a surprise that Peyton Manning set the NFL record for touchdown passes in a single season, as he's been dropping bombs on just about everyone this season. The Broncos beat the Texans soundly, clinching a first-round bye, but lost Von Miller to an ACL injury in the process. Everything else that happened in the NFL, though, was relatively wild.


The Detroit Lions collapsed once again, losing to the NY Giants in overtime, thrusting coach Jim Schwartz back into the firing line as the Lions were officially eliminated from playoff contention.


The Dallas Cowboys won a game in December, and will now face the Eagles on SNF to determine the winner of the NFC East.


Russell Wilson suffered the first home loss of his career as Seattle blew a chance to clinch the NFC West with a loss to the Arizona Cardinals.


Don't look now, but the Carolina Panthers are on track to make good on that ridiculous Super Bowl promise they made in 2012.


Dennis Rodman returned from North Korea and has finally learned to be coy about meeting a leader currently in the news for executing his uncle and former mentor. He's also going back next week.


The Memphis Grizzlies will sign Seth Curry from the D-League.


Kyle Lowry's 22 points and two free throws with under 10 seconds left put the Toronto Raptors out of the reach of the OKC Thunder for their first home loss of the season.


Here were the top five plays from yesterday's NBA action.




Vin Diesel announced that Fast And Furious 7 will come out on April 10, 2015.


Lord Infamous, founder of Three 6 Mafia, passed away.


T.I. and Jeezy gave back to the kids in ATL.


Justin Timberlake performed on SNL.


Vic Mensa drops off his latest in time for the holidays.




Gay marriage is back in court in Utah. Time to let this one go, conservatives. You lose.


Wild weather hit the US yesterday, from floods to snowstorms, that doesn't look like it'll go away all week. Be sure to check local news for flight delays and road closings.


Today is the last day to sign up for Obamacare to get coverage by Jan 1.


Did the NSA pay security firms to leave backdoor openings into their software? 




The Internet end the year right with a track featuring Nicky Davey.