Good Morning: Pacquiao and Rios’ Trainers Exchange Blows, Nearly Incite Brawl

Manny Pacquiao is a relatively calm dude, but his trainer Freddie Roach doesn't always hold back. Brandon Rios and his trainer, Robert Garcia–who is now one of the best trainers in the world and Roach's main rival at the moment– were still in the gym after Pacquiao's 11 AM workout time, when Roach tried to kick them out. A former Roach assistant, who know works for Garcia, Alex Ariza tried to remove Roach and ended up kicking him in the stomach after making fun of his Parkinson's disease. Roach cussed everyone out, nearly inciting a fight. The real fight is this Saturday.

Here's a NSFW video, that gets cracking from the jump.


Cristiano Ronaldo came through as he usually does in the biggest way possible, scoring a hat-trick in the final elimination game for the World Cup, sending Portugal to Brazil with a 3-0 win over Sweden (bye-bye Zlatan :().


Nate Burleson says he feels ready to return for the Lions following his arm injury.


The Red Sox are reportedly in heavy talks with Carlos Beltran.


The New York Yankees say they aren't going to pay Cano or anyone else $300 million.


John Wall and Bradley Beal got it cookin' against the Minnesota Timberwolves, winning 104-100. Wall had 14 points and a career-high 16 dimes, while Beal chipped in 25.


Here were the top ten plays from last night's NBA action.


Here's Amare Stoudemire attempting to fill in for Tyson Chandler. The Knicks lost to the Pistons, 92-86.




OutKast will reunite for Coachella 2014 and will put on a tour for the 20th-year anniversary of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.


GQ named Pharrell Hit-Maker of 2013.


David Blaine stuck an ice pick through his hand in front of a few celebs, including Will and Jada, Kanye, and the guys from "Breaking Bad." Trippy.


Eddie Murphy is back on his music grind. Here's "Temporary."


Timbaland drops off some more new music.


I understand that when I tell you someone did a remix of a Biggie track, there's a certain amount of hesitation and doubt. But check this one.


Remember SZA's "Ice Moon" from last week? Ab-Soul hopped on it. Yeah.




A Virginia state senator is recovering from multiple stab wounds in his head and torso after his son, who died on the scene, attempted what appears to be a murder-suicide.


A stay of execution was not granted by a judge in Missouri, as the state put down a neo-Nazi who committed crimes against blacks and Jews.


Studies show children cannot run as fast as their parents did.




Here's a bear in a Lambo. 




New Prince, y'all. This one's called "Da Bourgeoisie."

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