Good Morning: Nick Saban Doesn’t Really Care About NCAA Violations Either

Nick Saban walked out of a his weekly press conference after reporters kept asking him about a Yahoo! report indicating former standout DJ Fluker is funneling money back to Alabama. Five players from the SEC were named in the report, detailing pretty much what you imagine is going on in college football all the time.

Here's video of Saban's presser. It warms up around the 3:30 mark.

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The real problem with the major allegations against Oklahoma State (and probably this Yahoo! report as well) is that no one cares.


Derek Jeter played just 17 games this season and never really recovered from the broken ankle he suffered in last year's playoffs. Another complication with his ankles forced the Yankees to place him on the DL for the fourth time this year,  effectively ending Jeter's season.


Charles Barkley says Johnny Manziel is getting on his nerves so much that he's close to saying "Roll Tide." He added the only thing worse than Manziel right now is Miley Cyrus. Maybe Barkley should just avoid this weekend's game between Alabama and Texas A&M because there will be a Johnny Cam focused on the Heisman winner at all times. 


Both Roddy White and Julio Jones missed practice for the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday with injuries.


Russell Westbrook is Anna Wintour's guest at New York Fashion Week, and discussed his style at NBA pressers.


The Miami Heat signed Michael Beasley.


Here are 17 minutes of Allen Iverson crossovers.





AMC announced a Breaking Bad spinoff centered around the character of Saul Goodman.


Kanye West had some things to get off his chest at Pusha T's album listening party. Pusha also revealed a feature with Kendrick Lamar and said Kanye contributed to six tracks.


Nas performed "You Wouldn't Understand" on the Arsenio Hall show.


Raekwon has a new track with Mic Geronimo and The Kid Daytona.





A report alleges that University of Alabama sororities banned black members.


Legislators in California quickly passed a bill that attempts to alleviate overcrowding in prisons by shifting to a rehabilitative model, designed to keep prisoners from coming back after they're released.


CEO of Yahoo! Melissa Mayer says tech executives faced jail time if they did not comply with NSA requests. The NSA also has unfiltered intelligence access with Israel.


North Korea may have restarted their nuclear reactor.


Russian President Valdimir Putin called for diplomacy to solve the crisis in Syria, criticizing recent US military efforts around the world while challenging the assertion of American exceptionalism. Meanwhile, CIA funded weapons reached the Syrian rebels. 





Lupe Fiasco released Peace of Paper Cup Of JAYZUS, discussing his place in hip-hop as well as his peers. Lupe back.

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