Good Morning: JR Smith Is Driving Mike Woodson Nuts

Klay Thompson scored 34 points, and Golden State was able to withstand a late rally from San Antonio, to level the series at 1-1, winning 100-91. Stephen Curry drained a one-legged three in the process.

And finished this time.


The Miami Heat blew out the Chicago Bulls to even the series at 1-1, after things got chippy in Miami. Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were ejected, and didn't make too many friends in Miami.


Clay Buchholz's mystery substance may have been BullFrog sunscreen.


J.A. Happ, who has a fracture in his skull after taking a line drive to the head, says he feels "really fortunate."


Several Columbia football players are assholes at best and racist homophobes at worst.


Charles Barkley threatened to physically harm Skip Bayless.


"Mean" Joe Greene doesn't like how money has changed NFL players.


Ronde Barber is retiring from the NFL. PFT takes a look at his legacy.


The New York Jets are meeting with Josh Cribbs this week.


Umpires used replay to check out a potential home run ball and still got the call wrong.


The legendary Thierry Henry scores a ridiculous game-winner for New York.


J.R. Smith is officially driving Knicks coach Mike Woodson nuts, and says he will play less if his poor play continues. Oh, and he was partying with Rihanna after the Knicks won Game 2.


Ray Allen describes his process.




Kanye West joins the cast of Anchorman 2.


Lil Wayne confirms his next project, Devol, will consist of only love songs. Birdman confirmed there will be another Big Tymers album but it won't feature Mannie Fresh. Hmmmmmmm.


French Montana released a new track from his upcoming album, Excuse My French, with Snoop, Ace Hood, Scarface and Mavado. It's pretty much what you'd think.


Erykah Badu interviews Kendrick Lamar and gets him to name his top 10 rappers.


Earlier in the week, Fader scored an in-depth interview with Earl Sweatshirt. Today, Clash reveals their feature on Tyler, the Creator.


Gucci Mane announces that Chief Keef is the newest member of the Brick Squad.


A former dancer and choreographer for Michael Jackson claims he was abused by Jackson as a child.


Chris Kelly's funeral will take place in Atlanta this afternoon.


Talib Kweli spits a freestyle on Funk Flex.




Though Harry Reid may try and push the background check bill through the Senate once again, most Senators, including some Democrats, appear unlikely to change their position.


The original voice of Charlie Brown was sentenced to one year in prison for stalking.


Read up on Tamerlan Tsarnaev's cousin, a prominent Islamist who speaks in a group known for denouncing the US but also preaches nonviolence. 


Why didn't President Obama and Mexican President Pena Nieto discuss legalizing marijuana as a solution to the raging violence in the region?





More details have been released about the kidnapping of three women in Cleveland, held captive by Ariel Castro and his two brothers. Ariel has been charged, and police found a bone-chilling letter in his house in which he describes his shocking mental state. The victims were beaten, and one of the hostages miscarried multiple times. The BBC took a look at the coverage of the incident, and describes what is known as the "missing white girl syndrome" that gives cases like these much more attention than if the missing persons were of a different race.





Cam'Ron and NORE spit over a BSBD and SAS production.


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