Good Morning: JR Smith Continues To Get Ridiculous

JR Smith. What more can I say? The Knicks went on to win game two.


The Miami Heat took a 2-0 series lead against the Bucks. It was close to start the fourth quarter, but ended at 98-86.


The Golden State Warriors shot a ridiculous percentage last night to even the series with Denver at 1-1.


Former Kentucky C and expected top pick in the NBA draft, Nerlens Noel, discusses his injury and the upcoming draft.


Justin and BJ Upton became the first brothers to hit back-to-back homers since 1938, and the Braves went on to sweep both games of their doubleheader against Colorado in extremely cold weather.


Ichiro hit a two-run single in the 9th, to give the Yankees a 4-3 win over Tampa. The Rays haven't won a game in which David Price has started.


The plaque honoring Barry Bonds' 756 home runs is missing from AT&T Park.


Lance Armstrong is being sued by the United States for the money he received as a member of the USPS racing team.


The Cleveland Cavaliers rehired coach Mike Brown. Think LeBron is coming back now?


Bayern Munich put a beatdown on mighty Barcelona, winning 4-0 during the first leg of the Champions League semifinal in Germany. They'll play again next week in Spain, but Barca face a massive uphill climb to knock Bayern off and reach the final at Wembley.


Tyrann Mathieu didn't impress everyone at the NFL Combine.


Matt Flynn will have the enjoyable task of starting at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.


The BCS will be renamed the College Football Playoff. Apparently, everything else was taken but the bare description. Suppose we should be glad the Big Ten didn't get to name it. 


LeBron James had a technical foul rescinded because he explained he was talking to himself, not the referee. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?


Any guesses who'll be the top pick in the NFL draft?





Flying Lotus is working on a jazz album.


Iggy Azalea signed with Island Def Jam, but she's still a part of Hustle Gang.


Rihanna killed it in Atlanta two nights ago.


King Los, Diddy and Ludacris come together for "Disappointed" from Los' upcoming mixtape, due April 25.


Wale and Travis Scott release a video for "One Eyed Kitten."




Apple announced they'll be giving out $100 billion to their shareholders over the next two years.


The Mississippi man who was arrested for mailing ricin to the White House has been released with the charges against him dropped.


The mother of the Tsarnaev brothers still refuses to believe they committed the atrocities in Boston.


A man in Texas was convicted of starving his son to death.


A prison in Baltimore was run by the inmates. See how they imported cash, drugs and phones while impregnating guards and buying cars. Thirteen have been charged with helping them by the Feds.


Someone hacked the AP Twitter handle and tweeted about fake explosions at the White House, sending the stock market into a tumble.





The Internet is quickly turning down a path of constant monitoring, loss of privacy and a state-controlled aspect of our lives.





Talib Kweli is stepping up his releases in anticipation of his next album, Prisoner of Conscious, due May 7.

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