Good Morning: Jake Peavy Heads to Boston

The Boston Red Sox bolstered their rotation, adding former Cy Young winner Jake Peavy for help down the stretch and into the playoffs. The Tigers took on some insurance players in case they lose anyone to Biogenesis suspensions (which they would know, since MLB just let the players union know who is getting suspended), while the White Sox acquired several prospects.



The Detroit Pistons traded Brandon Knight and two prospects to the Milwaukee Bucks for Brandon Jennings.


It's not ALL bad in Houston. Yesterday evening, Jonathan Villar showed once again why he's one of the most exciting prospects in baseball, stealing home in the third inning against Wei-Yin Chen and the Baltimore Orioles. The good times wouldn't last, though, as Chris Davis hit his first homer since the All-Star break giving Baltimore a 4-3 win.


Leonys Martin's three-run shot in the 10th inning ended a five-hour marathon between the Texas Rangers and LA Angels, 14-11.


Mark Ellis hit an RBI single with two outs in the ninth to hand the LA Dodgers a 3-2 victory over the New York Yankees.


Steve Nash says he's not ready to specify his retirement date.


Roy Hibbert is unlikely to receive permission to play for Team USA instead of Jamaica.


Lance Stephenson says he'll have no problem coming off Indiana's bench next season.


Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard keeps his termination letter from the Baltimore Ravens in his locker for motivation.


Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Doug Pederson thinks Alex Smith is the best QB in the league. 


Percy Harvin says he will require hip surgery. Recovery time is at least 3-4 months.


Urban Meyer says OSU RB Carlos Hyde will be suspended for at least three games.


Ossie Schectman, the man who scored the NBA's first points, passed away last night.





Yasmin covers "Thinking About You" by Whitney Houston as Billion remixes the beat and slows it down.


Take a look at Rick Ross' screening party for Magic City.


Fabolous drops a video from last year's Soul Tape 2.




Elite schools differ widely on how they attract lower income students to their expensive universities, though very few differ in the "above and beyond" category.


A Senate panel will investigate placing limits on the NSA and expect testimony from top Obama advisors. However, warrantless cellphone tapping was ruled "not per se unconstitutional." How reassuring.


An Indiana law banning Planned Parenthood is overturned.


JP Morgan will pay a $410 million fine for manipulating electricity markets.


Bradley Manning, who leaked thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, was acquitted of the most serious charges levied against him, aiding the enemy, but still faces 136 years in prison as he was found guilty of several lesser charges. Still, this means there is a chance he can get out on parole or via pardon.





President Obama's speech at a new facility was supposed to highlight the good jobs Amazon brought to the region, though the numbers show Amazon, and other companies like it, are only adding jobs in the lowest sector of their business. Though Amazon pays their employees better than average, a full year under Amazon's pay structure is still below the federal poverty line.





It's about that time: Curren$y drops a new track courtesy of illRoots.

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