Good Morning: It Got A Little Too Hot In Mexico for Spurs vs. T’Wolves

The NBA game between the Spurs and Timberwolves was supposed to be played in Mexico, but was postponed due to an overly smoky arena. 


LaMarcus Aldridge dropped 38 points, 13 boards and was showered with MVP chants as the Portland Trail Blazers ended OKC's 11-game winning streak.


The UNC Tar Heels have lost to Belmont and UAB this season, but somehow managed to knock off No. 3 Louisville and last night, took down the top-ranked Michigan State Spartans. 


The legal fate of Jameis Winston will be decided at 2 pm today.


LeBron James will team up with Kevin Hart for a basketball movie. The two will be brothers.


The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly very upset at the prospect of losing a draft pick for Mike Tomlin's sideline shuffle.


Missouri QB James Franklin has been battle-tested over the past two seasons as he dealt with injuries, but none will be greater than the SEC Championship tilt against Auburn.




Ron Burgundy reveals his secret to success is good hygiene. Word also leaked that his rumored Sportscenter appearance has been canceled.


Jay Z ranked his albums on his birthday.


Timbaland dropped another track on Timbaland Thursday, this one featuring Twista.




Dozens of whales are stranded in shallow waters in South Florida.


This is the day the Rob Ford saga in Toronto stopped being funny.


Congress held a session on extra-terrestrial life yesterday, where scientists showed that there is little doubt that we will find life on other planets. Naturally, they are facing budget cuts.


A security researcher developed a drone that can hack other drones.


Internet firms like Yahoo! and Google are stepping up efforts to prevent spying as more users become concerned about privacy and data, meaning billions of dollars could be made for offering the most security.


New reports reveal the NSA monitors over 5 billion cell phones on a daily basis




In honor of Jay Z's birthday and Pimp C's passing, a Tom Ford remix featuring the deceased legend.