Good Morning: HGH Is All Over The NFL

An anonymous NFL player told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal that at least "10-15" players per team are using HGH. "It's like clockwork nowadays," he said. "Not tested and it's easy to get. Nowadays, dude? In 2013? (Expletive) yeah. I'm just being real."


Mark Jackson accused the Denver Nuggets of sending "hitmen" after Stephen Curry to throw him out of rhythm after the Nuggets won Game 5 at home. Kenneth Faried says the Warriors have been playing him dirty. Game 6 is gonna be fun.


The LA Clippers lost Blake Griffin to a high ankle sprain which he suffered in practice, and then lost Game 5 103-93 at home. They'll have to beat the Grizz in Memphis to stay alive.


Jason Collins came out of the closet. Now he needs a job.


Mike Tyson was right: Branislav Ivanovic has accepted Luis Suarez's apology.


Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Mitch Kupchak have all voiced their hopes that Dwight Howard will remain in LA.


Alabama comes out as a 22-point favorite against Week-1 foe Virginia Tech.


Kevin Youkilis joins half the Yankees' roster on the DL.


An indoor football league has offered Tim Tebow $75 a game to play for them. 


Tim Hudson hit a homer during his 200th win as the Braves beat the Nats 8-1. 


Lou Williams is on the road to recovery for the Hawks.




Blank on Blank took an interview with the Beastie Boys from the '80s and animated over their voices as the boys discuss being white, Madonna, and how they came up with their name.


Mac Miller is putting his collab with Pharrell on hold.


Wiz Khalifa has a new clothing line and lifestyle company. 


Is the Wu-Tang reunion in trouble?


Chance The Rapper has a mixtape for you. Here's a taste.




The Atlantic takes a look at China's funky mathematics when it comes to their GDP.


Soldiers are using, or want to use, medical marijuana to treat PTSD, though some are having difficulty getting it because legislators won't approve it as an accepted treatment. 


25 people died as car bombs went off in Iraqi markets where people buy food.


There is no way the GOP will pass this immigration bill with a provision that gay immigrant couples can also apply for green cards. 






As technology improves, drones will become a part of our everyday lives, from spraying fertilizer on farms to chasing criminals. The major concern is how to maintain privacy with these flying machines everywhere. Some states are already leary and passed bills in anticipation, but those could rule them out of a major worldwide industry. 





J. Cole releases his second tape during the buildup to his next album, Born Sinner. He's got guest verses on this one though, and gets an assist from Young Jeezy on "Kenny Lofton."

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