Good Morning: Football’s Rules Are Getting Hard To Keep Up With

    The New York Jets stunned the New England Patriots who were undone by a new rule in the NFL that prevents defensive players from pushing each other over the line of scrimmage on special teams plays. Nick Folk, the MVP of the Jets this season, was given a second chance at kicking a game-winning field goal, and he didn't disappoint. After college football's day of rulebook disappointment, perhaps this was inevitable.

    Also, this happened…


    Steve Smith didn't appreciate Janoris Jenkins talking trash about his family, as he torched him for his 800th catch (a touchdown) during Carolina's 30-15 whooping of the St. Louis Rams. "And if I see him on the street, I'm going to bust him in the f—— mouth," Smith said after the game.


    Case Keenum did what he could, but the KC Chiefs maintained their undefeated season with a 17-16 win over Houston who also lost Brian Cushing on the night  on Sunday night.


    Jay Cutler will need an MRI on his groin following their loss on Sunday to the Washington Redskins.


    Florida State says they deserve the number one spot. They jumped to No. 2 in the polls following their beat-down of Clemson.


    South Carolina QB Connor Shaw won't need surgery on his knee, but will likely miss SC's game against Missouri.


    MLB teams are about to feast on free agent catcher Brian McCann, who is already drawing interest from Boston, New York and Texas and could be an option for the Giants, Cubs, Angels, Blue Jays, White Sox or pretty much anyone else.


    T-Mac says he considered using PEDs to get back into shape following injury.


    The Utah Jazz may give Gordon Hayward a major extension.


    Peyton Manning returned to a warm welcome and a cold exit in Indy.




    Download sales are dipping, and record executives have an eye on streaming services.


    Diddy's Revolt TV launches today as he tries to save music on television.


    Azaelia Banks dropped a video for "ATM Jam" with Pharrell.

    Kanye West brought out Jesus in Seattle.





    Now that he's done fending off wily GOP members, President Obama will turn his attention to the healthcare website glitches.


    There are only so many ways to say this, but I like this version: "The laws against cannabis presumably exist to prevent people from using marijuana, but those laws pose a far greater threat to users than the plant itself," John Payne, the executive director of Show-Me Cannabis Regulation writes, arguing against the prohibition of marijuana.


    The French government was not happy to discover that the NSA recorded over 70 million pieces of French telephone data over the last year.


    A date for peace talks in Syria has been announced for November, though it isn't clear whether rebel groups will participate, sort of negating the entire point.




    Smoke DZA does his thing with Harry Fraud.