Good Morning: Aaron Hernandez Was Kicked Out of the Hall of Fame

Aaron Hernandez's photos have been removed from the Hall of Fame.


Chris Davis tied the AL record with 37 homers before the All-Star break.


US sprinter Tyson Gay tested positive for steroids.


Tiger Woods is the early favorite in The Open.


Two-time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum, threw the first no-hitter of his career against the San Diego Padres on Saturday. Lincecum needed 148 pitches to get through nine innings, and the Giants won 9-0.


A-Rod and MLB are reportedly working on a deal about his suspension as a result of the PED investigation in Miami.


The Denver Broncos and LT Ryan Clady reach a five-year deal.


Greg Oden will meet with the Mavs, Kings and Pelicans this week.


Rajon Rondo says he'd never play for the Miami Heat.


After clearing waivers, Metta World Peace reportedly wants to join the Knicks.


Josh Donaldson hit a bloop RBI single with two outs in the 11th inning to give the A's a 3-2 win over the Red Sox.


Yadier Molina's three-run homer in the ninth powered St. Louis to a four-run ninth that beat the Chicago Cubs 10-6.


This Indians fan caught four foul balls yesterday.


19-year old Justin Spieth won the John Deere Classic, the first teen to do so in 82 years.


Looks like Reggie Miller needed an ego-boost during a Summer League game, as he gets point guards to choose between he and Steve Kerr for a hypothetical game-winner. Little weird.




Solange held a peaceful rally for Trayvon Martin in BK.


Kanye West originally wanted "Oceans" and "Holy Grail" for Watch The Throne.


Here's the Boardwalk Empire season four trailer.


Rick Ross went to a club/shot a music video performing his lines in "F*uckwithmeyouknowIgotit."


A$AP Ferg drops a new track with stable-mate A$AP Rocky.




The AP compiled photos of peaceful protests for Trayvon Martin around the country.


Edward Snowden is reportedly carrying the NSA blueprints, which would allow for their tactics to be replicated or avoided.


Department stores are using WiFi signals to track behavioral patterns, moods and movement from their customers' cell phones while they are in the store.


California is facing a crisis with their prison system yet again, despite Gov. Jerry Brown declaring six months ago that the "crisis was over." Doctors now want the release of 10,000 prisoners because they risk contracting disease.


Here is part of President Obama's statement on Trayvon Martin: "We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that's a job for all of us. That's the way to honor Trayvon Martin."





Female veterans in Ohio are coming together and working past symptoms and pressures of war by learning how to play golf. “This group has restored a part of my spirit that has been very badly damaged for a long time,” said one of the members. “I’m so lucky, so grateful that I have been able to put aside the burden of rejection that I have carried for years.”





Young Jeezy and Wyclef Jean both release tracks honoring Trayvon Martin.