Good Morning: 9.27.12


Morning, ya’ll. Today, the NFL refs are back! Jay-Z gets ready to open the Barclays Center, while Lil’ Wayne opens a skate park. Obama’s drone strikes come under heavy fire (yup) and the rumored bacon shortage is, thankfully, not true.

The NFL referees are back! Finally! They’ll begin tonight for the Browns vs. Ravens game.

Bet this casino wishes it happened a bit sooner.

CJ Spiller put it best last night:

Eric Gagne wrote a book saying 80 percent of his Dodger teammates were also using steroids at the time. The Dodgers aren’t too happy. Quick question: does anyone under 50 care about this anymore?

The Orioles hit seven home runs last night, but the Yankees maintained their lead in the AL East with a win over the Twins and a dominant performance from C.C. Sabathia.

The Ryder Cup starts tomorrow. Easily my favorite golf event, quite possibly because my European brethren have won six of the last eight.

That streak is partly due to performances from Tiger and Phil, or lack thereof. Can they turn it around this year?

Luke Donald, who was born in England, will feel right at home in Chicago this weekend.


Flashing Lights

Jay-Z gets ready to christen the Barclays Center with a string of shows. Check out the sneak peek of what it’ll look like inside.

You knew this was coming: Nicki Minaj may get her own reality show on E!

Some chick wrote a letter to Hollywood execs, saying if she starred in a movie with Leo DiCaprio, the debt could be reduced, crime would be reduced and all kinds of other claims. It is insane.

Do you have a problem with masturbating? 50 Cent is here to help.

Lil’ Wayne passed Elvis Presley for the most top 100 hits on Billboard. He also opened a skate park in NOLA.


Did You Realize?

Obama’s drone strikes have drawn a lot of criticism recently. The loose definition of “terrorist” used by the President is troubling and the civilian death toll is on the rise.

Pay off your student loans, yet? One in five are saddled with the same burden.

Hillary Clinton suggests the attacks in Libya may not have been inspired by a wackjob YouTube clip, but Al Qaeda. Wonder if they’re pissed about drone strikes.

Did you guys hear about the worldwide bacon shortage? Fear not, it ain’t real.


Everything I Am

Bars used to be where students would congregate to meet up and discuss plans. Today, students are all over social media, rendering the meet-up spot pretty useless. Also, this quote, “We sometimes pregame even the pregame.” #WhiteGirlWasted


Gotta Have It

New song from SatItAintTone and Earlly Mac featuring Big Sean and Juicy J. Worth a listen