Good Morning: 2.20.13

Joe Johnson led the Brooklyn Nets past the Milwaukee Bucks yesterday with TWO buzzer beaters.




The NBA put together all of Joe Johnson's last-minute heroics from this season.




Indiana made a big play for a no. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, beating Michigan State 72-68 in East Lansing for the first time in 17 years. The Hoosiers were lead by Victor Oladipo, who had 19 points, nine boards and five steals.


The New York Jets cuts five players to clear $31 million in cap space, but it's the Jets so you know there's a kicker: They still didn't get under the salary cap.


The NCAA has charged the University of Miami with 'lack of institutional control'. You have to take their word for it, because the NCAA certainly knows what lacking institutional control is all about.


The Knicks are reportedly interested in Jermaine O'Neal.


The Lakers are misusing Dwight Howard…according to Phil Jackson. Classic power move.


Evidence is piling up against Oscar Pistorius, and police now say there is “no way” he acted in self defense.


Anthony Davis reaches up into the sky to throw down this alley from Greivis Vasquez.





Lil' Wayne went on an angry tirade discussing the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh's wife and getting banned by the NBA. Nobody really knows what sparked Weezy's anger, but the NBA has denied banning him from games, saying there “is no truth at all” to Wayne's claim.


Here's a sequence of media to show you what happens when Wale talks trash to his boy Rudy Gay, announcer Matt Devlin doesn't know who Wale is (he does know Drake) and Wale gets upset.




The Raptors went on to win the game, led by Gay's 24 points.




Ready for some more Frank Ocean? He says he's 11 songs deep in his next project. In the full interview with BBC Radio, Ocean also discusses the Grammys and one of his favorite subjects, cars.


Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, and the Flatbush Zombies announce their Beast Coastal tour dates. They are avoiding the South (unless you count Australia). I am upset.


Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Porsches and Ferraris. It's “Goin' Down”.





A mentally disabled man was given a last-minute (literally) stay of execution last night in Georgia.


Biden being Biden: Don't buy an AR-15, buy a shotgun!



Could you go 951 days without doing the main aspect of your job? Then it's time to quit and join the Senate, who haven't passed any major legislation in nearly 1,000 days.


A bit of a challenge to get through, but an interesting look at positive vs. negative income taxes and the effect on incentives.


Jesse Jackson Jr. will appear in court on charges that he spent his campaign funds on personal items.




A new study shows people can suffer withdrawals from internet use. It's one of many studies that show how excessive use of the internet can negatively impact social well-being and self esteem. The most worrying quote (unless you're a psych major, then get ready for a lot of clients): “These initial results, and related studies of brain function, suggest that there are some nasty surprises lurking on the net for people’s wellbeing.”




Young Scooter got out his rap rolodex and hit up Rick Ross, Birdman and Gucci to remix “Colombia”.



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