Good Morning: 12.26.12

Steve Nash led the Lakers past the Knicks, 100-94, with 16 points and 11 dimes. The Lakers have now won five in a row to return to .500. The Knicks have lost three of five.

The Knicks rocked all-orange everything yesterday. Fair or foul?


Amar'e is targeting a New Years Day return.


The Celts took down the BK Nets, and the two got into another shoving match after Gerald Wallace took a hard foul and grabbed onto some shorts to try and stay up. Unfortunately, those shorts were KG's, who obviously reacted in KG fashion.


The Miami Heat beat OKC last night, in what looked a lot like a continuation of the NBA Finals: the Thunder still have something to figure out late in the game. OKC suffered back-to-back losses for the first time this season.


LeBron James was whistled for his first foul since Dec. 8. That is ridiculous.


The Clippers won their 14th in a row, beating the Nuggets 112-100, in which Jamal Crawford called his own move (below) on Twitter.


J-Lin and James Harden led the Rockets to a win over the Bulls.


Is there a new logo for the Miami Dolphins?


No. 3 Arizona maintained their undefeated season with a comeback win against No. 17 SDSU.


Russell Wilson “cut loose” in a comeback win against the Chicago Bears, and the Seahawks offense has been unstoppable since. Seattle may also receive a boost defensively by signing Ray Edwards, who was cut by the Falcons earlier in the season.


Andruw Jones was arrested early on Christmas Day for alleged domestic abuse in Atlanta.




Jeezy Claus gave out toys in Macon, GA last night.

DJ Whoo Kid talks with T.I. and A$AP Rocky about their new releases and upcoming projects.





Powerful storms hit the South last night, with several tornadoes touching down. CNN has video of some of the damage. It is December, people. Scientists must be controlling the weather to make us listen to them about global warming.


After losing a lot of momentum during the 2012 elections, the Tea Party has turned to fringe issues rather than the core of American politics, indicating the movement's influence is waning. Though it's possible a bad budget negotiation – if one ever occurs – could reignite the party, their stances “continue to alienate centrists and realists.”


Speaking of, Senator Jerry Moran – one of three members who founded the Tea Party caucus in the Senate, dedicated to cutting government spending and reducing the debt – spent more money from his budget than any other senator.


The man who shot four volunteer firefighters after burning his house, left a typed note saying, “I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best – killing people.”


There were six shootings in Chicago on Christmas Day, leaving five wounded and one dead.




Bruce Bartlett, a senior policy advisor for both Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, as well as for Congressmen Jack Kemp and Ron Paul, writes an op-ed describing the benefits of a welfare state from a conservative perspective, detailing why the Republican fight against New Deal policies is misguided and futile.




Feeling a little slow after Christmas? Kelly Rowland's smooth sounds will help.


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