Good Morning 1.10.13

Yesterday, news broke that Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly interviewed with the Philadelphia Eagles, just one day after getting his ass kicked in the losing the BCS National Championship. So many sources knew immediately of the interview, that Mike Florio suspects it's all a rouse: Kelly is going for the green. By interviewing with the Eagles, he's really trying to force Notre Dame's hand to give him a raise and an extension.


The Lakers have lost their fifth in a row, this time to Tony Parker, who dropped 24, and the San Antonio Spurs.


The Spurs, incidentally, are shopping Dejuan Blair. Don't the Lakers need a big man?


The Clips toppled the Mavs for their 13th consecutive home win.


The Grizz, apparently unbridled by the burden of trade rumors, won their third consecutive road game, beating Golden State. Zach Randolph had 19 and 12, Rudy Gay scored 18.


Tom Verducci of SI which CNN is about to replace with Bleacher Report, by the way – writes that the Hall of Fame rejecting the steroid era wasn't a surprise, though it may only be temporary.


It's also going to present a lot of problems moving forward, with loaded ballots and no clear answers as to what will happen with steroid users.


Matt Ryan hasn't won a playoff game, and hasn't played particularly well in the playoffs either, despite his strong performances in the regular season. Matty Ice still has a lot to prove.


Drew Brees will be RG3's injury replacement in the Pro Bowl.


Marcus Vick couldn't ever seem to stay out of trouble, and his off-the-field issues have now landed him jail time.


Melo picked up a one-game suspension for his antics with Kevin Garnett.


Check out the top ten plays from last night's NBA action.





Rumors are flying that Justin Timberlake may drop a new Timbaland-produced track with Jay-Z today.


Why are celebrities trying to sell us headphones?


Alicia Keys performed at last night's People's Choice Awards



A$AP Rocky talks “1 Train.”



And working with Skrillex



Nas hopped on Hot 97 to discuss being named the best lyricist of all time, making up with Kelis, and his next album.





President Obama is poised to take action on gun control, following the Sandy Hook tragedy among a string of other violent shooting-sprees, according to Vice President Joe Biden. Biden says there is a “pretty wide consensus on three or four or five things in the gun safety area that could and should be done.” These measures may include a universal background check system, a national database to track weapons through sales, tougher punishments for carrying guns near schools and stricter mental health checks before buying firearms.


James Holmes, the shooter in the Colorado movie theatre massacre, used his cell phone to take pictures of himself and the theater before the shooting. A father of one of the victims said Holmes isn't insane, he's just evil.


700 cases of the flu have prompted Boston to declare an emergency.


Younger Americans “die earlier and live in poorer health” than other developed countries, according to a new study. The study drew findings from mortality rates as well as the poor healthcare system.


Law enforcement groups in Tennessee have spoken out against a law that would allow wine to be sold in – gasp – grocery stores. They cited the University of Tennessee butt-chuggers as a prime example of why it shouldn't be allowed. Because they are obviously having trouble getting alcohol as it is…


The New York Times takes a look at the job applicant pool and wonders if there really is a shortage of qualified workers. While inconclusive, the article questions how much businesses are actually willing to pay these workers. My thought: this is what happens when education takes a back seat.




The biggest problem on dealing with the budget issue isn't political, Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research says, it's informational. While Republicans center around smaller government and reducing spending, many Republicans actually support most of the programs the government spends a vast majority of the budget on, not, for example, the $1 million grant to the Woodstock Museum John McCain spent so much time harping on, because $1 million is extremely inconsequential to the US budget (approximately .00003 percent of the budget).




Killa Cam spits over a Meek Mill beat.


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