Gisele Bündchen Is Looking For An Elin Nordegren Divorce Bag | Looks To Hire Tiger Woods’ Divorce Lawyer

Image Credit: Twitter

Gisele Bündchen wants to get an Elin Nordegren type of bag from her potential divorce from Tom Brady. The supermodel reportedly is looking to the lawyer who handled Tiger Woods’ split to help her in the massive pending divorce coming the couple’s way.

Bündchen has hired Florida’s top divorce lawyer, Tom Sasser, the managing partner of the law firm Sasser, Cestero & Roy. Sasser handled the Woods’ split in 2010, and is reportedly being sought now that the negotiations between the two parties are getting nasty. Based in West Palm Beach, the divorce attorney orchestrated the dissolution of many high-profile marriages.

Brady has been in hot water with his wife for deciding to unretire from professional football. The supermodel believed that her husband was done with the game. After essentially giving up her professional career to be a mom and the glue for their family, she was looking for Brady to settle into a more balanced life with her.

However, his plunge back into the vortex that is being Tom Brady’s superstar quarterback was a step too far for Bündchen.

Ironically, Brady’s ex, actress Bridget Moynihan, floated the idea that Brady doesn’t understand how to be in a reciprocal relationship. Moynihan shared a quote from marriage therapist Vienna Pharaon about relationships which, given the situation between Bündchen and Brady, looks pretty cryptic.

“Not everything is meant to be mended. Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime,” the quote posted to social media reads. “Sometimes, we have to learn to get comfortable with the gifts that are offered through the ruptures and the endings instead of the stories of repair and reconciliation.

“It’s much harder to be face to face with this. Our tolerance for it is low. And yet, some of our greatest gifts, offerings, and lessons come from this space,” the post continued.

Since the public discovered the internal turmoil between Gisele and Brady, the two have been living in different residences after a reported “epic” fight during the offseason, which made Bündchen leave Florida to spend time in Costa Rica.

Ironically, Brady has one of the worst performances and early seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his NFL career. On Sunday, the Bucs lost royally 21-3 to the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte. Brady and the Buccaneers have now slipped to a 3-4 record, although the Bucs still sit atop the NFC South division.

“No one feels good about where we’re at; no one feels good about how we’ve played or what we’re doing,” Brady said to the media after the loss. “We talked about execution the other day, and it still comes up. I think we all just need to do our job better.

“There’s no easy way about it. They’re trying to keep us from doing our job, we’re trying to do it, and they’re doing a better job than we are. Anytime you score three points, that pretty much sums it up.”

Tom Brady is fighting a war on two fronts, at home and on the field. Now, with major attorneys being sought out, it is getting more real than ever for Brady.


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