“Get These Checks On Time To These Kids” | Deion Sanders Questions Why Student-Athlete Refund Checks Are Always Late At HBCUs

Deion Sanders continues to push the envelope as it pertains to helping HBCUs. After nearly two years of dedication to raising the exposure, visibility and revenue of Black universities, Sanders is now speaking out on the slow return of students refunds from the state. 

In many cases those refunds are the only way some of students and student-athletes can afford to stay in school. 

In a video released on Monday, Sanders wanted to know who he has to talk to get the refunds back on time. He even addressed Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, asking him for help and clarity on the growing issue.

“How is it fathomable that our refund checks for our kids are consistently late? But the checks for our administrators are consistently on time?,” Sanders asked via video. “I sit with a parent and say I’m going to take care of your child and we’re gonna make sure your child is secure. Yet and still, refund checks are consistently late. Now the child calls the parent needing money, and now the parent has to overextend themselves or the child has to go out and take out a loan so they can pay their rent on money that they should have.”



Sanders also mentioned other SWAC coaches are having the same issues. And that they talked about it at last week’s SWAC media days.

Grambling State head coach Hue Jackson quickly chimed in on the video, saying:

Speak on it, Coach Prime. It has to change. It bothers me as well.”

Sanders Talks About The Housing Issue

Coach Prime then addressed the lack of housing and how it affects the students. Unfortunately, that’s long been an issue at HBCUs.

“We’re already dealing with housing,” Deion lamented. “Now we can’t deal with this as well, because we have momentum — and we have to keep momentum. So we need to get these checks on time to these kids.”

HBCUs have a long history of students struggling to secure adequate housing. In fact, a study conducted last year by Temple University “showed that students at HBCUs experience high rates of housing and food insecurity.”

The report revealed more than half (55 percent) found it hard to keep safe and affordable housing. While another 20 percent ended up homeless over that timeframe. When you have those type of inadequacies it makes it hard for the student to focus on their schoolwork. In turn, the dropout rate grows, and those who manage to finish in many instances struggle to keep their grades up.

Sanders Says He Feels Bad Because His Children Have Him: Others May Not Have That Outlet

Deion is a very wealthy man, and while his children are expecting refunds as well, until then he can foot the bill. But for those who don’t have someone to turn to this is a huge problem. In the video Sanders mentioned that his children said something to him about the situation.

“Now they’re bothering me about something they should already have,” Deion said. “Thank God I got it, but I’m looking out and speaking for those parents that may not.”

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