George Zimmerman Arrested After Threatening Relatives With A Gun

    George Zimmerman was arrested on Monday allegedly for threatening his wife and possibly her father-in-law with a gun. 

    Zimmerman was found not guilty for killing Trayvon Martin this summer in a high profile case that brought gun laws and racial tensions to the forefront of American society. Zimmerman was depicted as both a gun rights activist and a racist, trigger happy watchman. 

    Since the trial, Zimmerman hasn't been able to stay out of the spotlight. Zimmerman helped a family from the side of the road, which made the news, and appeared at the gun factory of the company whose gun he used in the killing. His wife complained about the attention, stress, as well as the arrogant, invincible attitude of her husband. Reports state she recently filed for divorce

    All of these factors lead towards a tense environment at the very least, and it's possible something boiled over in the Zimmerman household. For now, Zimmerman is in jail and an investigation is pending, but Zimmerman may finally have get a taste of justice.