FSU Slapped A Cease And Desist On Jesus Winston Shirts

    Jameis Winston didn't throw a single pass that hit the ground in his opening game — those two incompletions were both caught, just slightly out-of-bounds — and hasn't done much worse since. Winston is now 50-64 with six passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns with just one interception, leading FSU to a 3-0 start.

    It's prompted some in the FSU faithful to go slightly overboard, including one fan selling Jesus Winston shirts.

    According to reports, FSU hit the fan with a cease-and-desist order because the university is the only one who can make money from Winston's image. Plus, the whole Jesus thing plays a role down there in Tallahassee. It's not exactly Miami.

    He'll need a BCS victory or two to pull that off.