FS1 Shelves Whitlock’s Kaepernick Skit After Social Media Ethers Him

After his Tweet yesterday, it was apparent that FS1’s Jason Whitlock had stooped to a new low in an attempt to mock, diminish and trivialize Colin Kaepernicks activism and stance on racial and societal inequities that has now rendered him unemployable in NFL circles.

Jason Whitlock on Twitter

Great to have Kap stop by the studio today.

In a bizarre twist that still has folks scratching their heads, Christopher Reid, also known as Kid from Kid n Play impersonated Kaepernick in a sketch that everyone knew, even without seeing it, would be a tasteless and moronic taunt.

But thanks to the social media firestorm that followed, the skit has been shelved with the network saying it will not air it, according to Deadspin. The producers of Whitlock’s show made a decision to kill the segment before anyone got to witness the controversial personality’s latest foray into infuriating people of color.

Jamilah Lemieux on Twitter

Jason Whitlock should only be referred to as “The Defeated” and if you don’t know why, you haven’t disliked him long enough.

For folks who’ve witnessed Whitlock’s bizarre anti-black messages over the years, it’s clear that the man, to borrow a phrase from Kanye West, does not care about Black people.

Now with his latest crossing of the proverbial line, it’s good to see that the suits at Fox seemed to admit it as well with their actions of silencing him, at least for just a few minutes.

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