“It Is Never Over With This Guy” | Chris Broussard Says Patrick Mahomes Is Michael Jordan’s Equal In The Clutch

FS1 sports analyst Chris Broussard compared quarterback Patrick Mahomes to Michael Jordan in his prime on a recent episode of “First Things First.”

That’s the ultimate praise for the Kansas City Chiefs legendary quarterback, who has proved time and again that his team is never out of a game when he has the ball in his hands. That was the case in the Chiefs’ last-minute road win over the division rival Chargers on Sunday night.

Patrick Mahomes Is Like Michael Jordan In His Prime

Mahomes’ clutch play even got FS1 personality Chris Broussard talking to the point he likened him to His Airness, who was 6-0 in NBA Finals. Broussard also scolded the pundits who disrespected Mahomes by ranking any number of quarterbacks before him as MVP candidates.

“What did the Chiefs prove?” Broussard asked. “They proved one thing and one thing only: that they have far and away the best quarterback in football. Well then, shame on all those who ranked Joe Burrow and Josh Allen, who I didn’t pick winning the MVP.”

CB continued …

“And Justin Herbert and Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers ahead of Patrick Mahomes entering the season. That’s what they proved. It is never over with this guy.”

“When it was a minute 46 left, and I’m picking the team against Mahomes? I’m never comfortable. It’s like I felt when Michael Jordan was with the Bulls in his prime. And they’re down big late in the game. I felt like, you know what, he’s gonna come back.”

Is Patrick Mahomes Clutch Like Michael Jordan? 

Since becoming the Chiefs starter in 2018, Mahomes boasts a record of 66-18, including playoffs. He’s 24-3 versus the AFC West and 14-0 on the road against the division. That’s Jordan-esque in itself to go into hostile territory and find a way to be downright dominant. MJ did that with regularity.

That requires the clutch gene that Broussard is speaking of when he talks about Mahomes shining with the ball when the game is hanging in the balance. He’s unflappable and even smirks in the moment, a lot like Jordan did night after night to opponents on the hardwood.

Patrick Mahomes Is Favorite To Win Second MVP 

Despite losing speedster Tyreek Hill in the offseason via trade, Mahomes hasn’t missed a beat. In fact, he may have gotten better as an overall quarterback who focuses on the little things because the margin for error definitely shrunk when Hill was moved.

Mahomes has been up to the task, throwing for chunk yards, using his legs and completing third downs with precision. The Super Bowl MVP is less reckless with his decisions and behind his leadership KC is 8-2 and in first place in the AFC, meaning if things hold the road to the Super Bowl will go through K.C. for a fifth consecutive season.

That is rather Jordan-like.

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