From The Horse’s Mouth | Jets QB Zach Wilson Addresses The Elephant In The Room … Did He Hook Up With Mom’s Bestie?

The New York Jets have some high expectations this season. Blessed with a plethora of talent on both sides of the football and in a division not dominated by Tom Brady anymore, the outlook for “Gang Green” is bright.

But in order for the Jets to live up to the hype, the play of second-year quarterback Zach Wilson will have to improve, and that means focusing on what happens on the gridiron and not on this new era of social media and viral videos and commentary.

Wilson recently became the darling of that aforementioned viral commentary when his ex-girlfriend said he slept with his mom’s best friend. When the claim was made Wilson didn’t respond for a few days, stating he didn’t have service in the mountains with teammates. Wilson’s first response was this on Instagram.

“Took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service … what I miss?

And since that comment, Wilson’s been pretty quiet about the situation, until a reporter asked him about it during a training camp presser this week. Wilson’s response was met with a chuckle but was all about football.



“I’m just focusing on football, and that’s really all I can do. It is what it is, and I’m excited to be here with the boys.”

He then added that drama comes with the QB position.

“It comes with the position. So, really, it’s just handling my business and handling what matters and keeping my family tight and we’re all good,” Wilson said. 



Wilson seems to have moved on past the rumors and drama that’s surfaced on the internet since his ex-made these accusations on July 10th. 

Wilson’s Ex Throws Him Under Bus After Being Called “Homie Hopper”

Wilson’s ex Abbey Gile called herself throwing him under the bus after a pic of her and new beau Dax Milne surfaced online. Milne is a receiver for the Washington Commanders and — get this — he was also Wilson’s top target and roommate at BYU. A person commenting on the pic called Gile a “homie hopper,” which she quickly fired back about Wilson messing around with his mom’s bestie.

“Wilson was sleeping with his mom’s best friend… that’s the real homie hopper.”

Another person typed this in agreement with Gile.

“Lol, it’s true. I know the best friend’s mom and she freaked out about it for a while.”

Jets assistant equipment manager Joe McMahon defended the Jets’ star pupil by saying this on Milne’s post.

“IDK what’s going to be the bigger joke this relationship or your NFL career.”


He may be onto something as Wilson is the face of the franchise, while Milne is hoping to land a roster spot with the Commanders.

Wilson Has Talent All Around Him: Can He Make A Jump In Year Two?

The Jets have plenty of talent on their roster. Led by Wilson, the offense also features 2022 No. 10 overall pick Garrett Wilson at wide receiver, along with veterans Corey Davis, Denzel Mims and Braxton Berrios. Electric second-year pass catcher Elijah Moore. In the backfield they have second-year player Michael Carter and rookie Breece Hall giving them a dynamic 1-2 punch. 

They’ll be much better defensively with defensive lineman Quinnen Williams, rookie edge rusher Jermaine Johnson, and rookie cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner. Hopefully, Wilson’s social media fiasco is over and he’ll concentrate on uplifting a Jets team that has been one of the worst in football.

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