Former Redskins Art Monk & Darrell Green Want A Serious Discussion On This Name Change

Dan Snyder has made it clear that he doesn't want to change the Redskins moniker. Despite the fact that the name is offensive and past outdated, Snyder has been defiant and he doesn't lack supporters. 

But two former Redskins players, who just happen to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, are on record saying that a name change at least deserves consideration. They want more than the dismissive response that's been given so far by Roger Goodell who tried to change the story saying that using Redskins as a mascot is honoring Native Americans. 

Here's a clip from WTOP 103.5 radio in D.C.:

"[If] Native Americans feel like Redskins or the Chiefs or [another] name is offensive to them, then who are we to say to them 'No, it's not'?" Art Monk says.

"It deserves and warrants conversation because somebody is saying, 'Hey, this offends me,'" Darrell Green says."Unfortunately in this country, conversations mean legal, dollars, suits." 

We haven't heard anything like this from current members of the organization, but few are as respected as these two guys. Hopefully, at some point, Snyder and the league start listening. 

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