Former NFL Player Pastor Ducks Police While 14-Year-Old Son’s Been Missing For 11 Days: Indiana State Police Suspect Daniel Muir Of Child Abuse And Foul Play

The 14-year-old son of former NFL player Daniel Muir has been missing for 11 days, and the family and Indiana State Police believe he is in danger. 

Parents Not Cooperating With Police

On Friday afternoon ISP declared an official Silver Alert for Bryson Muir, who’s still missing.

Police said that Daniel and Kristen Muir had agreed to bring their son to meet with ISP investigators at the Peru Post. The arrangement was scheduled for 12 p.m. Friday, ISP said, but they never showed up, and now the plot thickens.

Bryson Muir was reportedly last spotted leaving his grandmother’s home near Cleveland, Ohio, with his mother on June 16 in a white 2015 Chevrolet Suburban, according to a June 25 news release from local police. 

In a strange twist of events that has police thinking the worst, Bryson’s mom was pulled over by police, according to the news release. However, Bryson was not in the car with his mother when she was pulled over. 

The teen has not been located since and the police says they did not get any cooperation from the parents in locating Bryson until, “June 27” but the boy is still missing, according to reports. 

Bryson Muir, 14, son of former NFL player and pastor Daniel Muir, has been missing for 11 days and Indiana State police believe he is a victim of child abuse and in danger. His father and mother are persons of interest. (Photo: FOX59 /Getty)

Communication has since been cut off again between Bryson’s parents and the ISP.

Bryson Muir A Victim Of Child Abuse?

Two days after Bryson’s mother was pulled over by the police, the Cass County Department of Child Services, asked police to investigate allegations of domestic battery toward Bryson at his home. Police and child services were unable to locate the parents and disturbingly, a photo of Bryson that was released by police revealed a bruise on his eye that his grandmother confirmed.  

After preliminary investigations, police have concluded that Daniel Muir is a person of interest, said Indiana State Police Capt. Ron Galaviz told FOX59. 

Indiana State Police say Bryson could be a victim of child abuse inflicted by his parents. Daniel and Bryson’s mother, Kristen Muir are keeping a low profile since Indiana State Police Peru issued a Statewide Silver Alert for Bryson Muir at 2:15 p.m. on Friday. 

Who Is Former NFL Player Daniel Muir?

Muir is a former NFL player who was signed as a defensive tackle by the Green Bay Packers in 2007. He was a journeyman for the Colts, Jets, and Raiders before his career fizzled out around 2013.  

Muir had 128 career tackles and 1.5 sacks. The 6-foot-2, 300-pound defensive presence played college ball at Kent State. 

His son Bryson was last seen on June 16 wearing an orange Under Armour shirt and blue jeans. Bryson is listed as 6 feet 2 inches and weighs about 185 pounds. 

The alleged domestic abuse is believed to have taken place at the Muir family home in Logansport, Indiana. It appears that Muir is now a pastor of a religious group that some describe as a cult. 

Is Daniel Muir Pastor For A Religious Cult?

State police say the Muir’s home and white Suburban are owned by the nonprofit religious group Servant Leader’s Foundation. Fox 59 reports there is a sign that reads, “Welcome To Straitway Indiana Goshen.”

Straitway Truth Ministries is a religious group in Tennessee that some online participants familiar with it describes as a cult. According to Straitway’s website, the group is a “nation of Hebrew Israelites who are commandment keepers; obedient to Yah (God) and our savior, Jesus the Christ.”

Muir’s involvement with this organization dates back to his time with the Green Bay Packers and he has embraced religion as he can be seen preaching on various topics including intimacy and strength of faith via the group’s YouTube channel.

Green Bay Packers Teammate Got Muir Into Straitway

Former Packers star Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila joined Straitway after he denounced the Christian religion, and in December 2019 he reportedly was almost arrested after he sent his two armed friends to a school Christmas program. Fortunately, the men were arrested for trespassing.

The intriguing background nugget in this missing person and child abuse case is that Gbaja-Biamila allegedly sent Muir videos of Straitway’s leader, Pastor Charles Dowell, and Muir found himself agreeing with the rhetoric of the pastor. So there’s proof that he’s closely aligned with a religious group that might be very dangerous. Also proof that he was brought into this group by a former NFL teammate. 

Muir Started Recruiting For Straitway  

As documented by Sports Illustrated, Muir then introduced former Colts legend and teammate Robert Mathis to Straitway following the 2018 season after a conversation that began with a coaching job and ended with Mathis asking Muir about his T-shirt that read: “HEBREW”

These two are still linked up and expanding their connection. 

In his LinkedIn profile, Muir lists himself and Mathis, a five-time Pro Bowl player, Super Bowl XLI champion, and Colts all-time sacks leader with 123, as a co-founder of The Gridiron Gang since 2017.

Their company provides athletic development and high-level training performance for football players of all levels from professional athletes to kids.

Not sure how Muir dispenses discipline, but this is a sticky situation that can open up a whole other can of worms. The fact that Bryson has not been found lets us know there’s more to this story than we probably could imagine. Hopefully, Bryson is alive and well and the parents are not involved in any nefarious actions against their son.

Praying for Brandon.

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