Lamar Jackson’s Response To Bernard Pollard’s Disrespect Is Super Bowl Worthy | ‘I Only Thought Cheerleaders Did The Splits’

An intra-team war erupted between the Baltimore Ravens old vs. new when former Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard came straight for current Ravens QB Lamar Jackson on Twitter.

It began with the usual hot takes from broadcast sports analysts that bled into the Twitterverse. On Tuesday, former NFL safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark argued that Jackson should be among the top 10 quarterbacks.

Jackson was left off the top-10 list created by an ESPN survey of unnamed executives, and Pollard felt that was the right decision.

“He’s def a Top 10 talent, but as far a Top 10 QB I don’t see it. I believe he should get paid by the #Ravens and should get TOP dollar!”

Jackson didn’t get agitated by that one, but it didn’t take long for Pollard to hit the right button.

“No TOP Wr will ever come there while LJ is there,” Pollard posted on Wednesday. “Plenty of WRs have been available to get in the off-season while LJ has been starting, but nobody wants to go. They give him the respect, but they don’t want to play with him. LJ is good but he’s not able to make the throws.”

That’s when Jackson felt the need to check the member of the Ravens family.

“You sound dumb asf,” Jackson posted in response to Pollard. That’s when Pollard clapped back.

“We’ll wait and see if one signs,” believing that Jackson is teammate kryptonite. But does he have a point?

Wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown left the Ravens over his unhappiness with the team’s offense leading him to seek a trade during the offseason.

Brown went to the Cardinals with a fourth-round draft pick for Arizona’s No. 23 overall pick. However, Brown said he’d spoken with quarterback Lamar Jackson and explained his decision on the “I Am Athlete” podcast.

Still, Jackson let the world know he wasn’t happy with the trade on Twitter when it was announced during the first round of the NFL draft. Later, former Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III dropped his two cents, claiming that Brown wanted out of Baltimore due to the offense, not Jackson.

Pollard’s argument feeds off the narrative that Brown left because of Jackson, and it still hits a sensitive spot for the QB.

Then Jackson went hard at Pollard, including the infamous twerk video of Pollard popping, locking, and dropping it like it’s hot in a locker room during his era.

“I only thought cheerleaders did the splits not players too,” Jackson posted. He kept roasting Pollard for not having a well-known name and a missed tackle in Super Bowl XLVII.

“On his life they would’ve cut him after the play”


“bra got a 6second college highlight you mad fr I wish I played against you. I would’ve threw the ball to coach and ran straight at yo sorry ass BERNARD!”


“Nooooooooooooooo, bra I hate I even said anything to you lil bra if you was my son I would’ve pooty tanged yo ass for playing with me like this.”

Jackson had a “put some respeck on my name” Birdman moment. Pollard’s opinion might have been harsh, especially to a member of the Ravens family, but Jackson going in on him and the fans might not be the best look, based on his leadership position.

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