Forget The Money! LeBron James Is Trying To Play With Bronny With New Lakers Deal | The Jameses’ NBA Takeover Will Continue

There is such a thing as a model career in entertainment and sports, and it has nothing to do with hit records, blockbuster movies, or year-over-year championships. It has everything to do with hatching a plan and executing it over a significant length of time.

That is the career of LeBron James, and it led him to four championships with three teams in his 19 seasons in the NBA after going straight to the league from high school. However, one of his last goals before he hangs up the best active basketball-businessman title in the history of the league, is he wants to play with his older son, Bronny James.

Now with his new two-year, $97.1 million contract extension that includes a player option for the 2024-25 season, James is priming himself to potentially pivot when his son becomes eligible for the NBA draft. James also has a 15% trade kicker, making him the highest-earning player in the history of the NBA with $532 million in career guaranteed money. He has effectually surpassed Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant and is still the first-ever active billionaire playing in the NBA.

The Sierra Canyon high school senior is eligible for the NBA draft in 2024, and his father’s deal allows him to opt out and become a free agent during that time. He can work to get on whatever team his son signs with if he enters that draft class or whatever other maneuvers the world knows only Bron can pull off.

If the two play together, it will become the first time a father and son played in the NBA simultaneously, let alone on the same team. Bronny made headlines with his in-game right-hand dunk on the left side of the basket while racing down the court in transition. The crowd at the California Club’s game against the U18 Florida Select team and the internet went crazy for the play. Bronny played in the Club Basketball Euro Tour overseas.

He suited up with his younger brother Bryce, and the two have gained some valuable time on the NBA hardwood with their father, training together at the Lakers facility earlier this month.

LeBron also went hard on Twitter, signaling his immense support for his son’s athletic accomplishment. However, it is not certain if Bronny will follow in his father’s footsteps out of college into the NBA. Thus far, Oregon, USC, and Ohio State have reportedly been the three schools actively recruiting the young shooting guard. Of course, anticipation is high, and as the highlights continue of Bronny’s growing confidence in the shadow of his father, “The King” is laying the seeds for a soft landing into the NBA and a superstar pairing that is bound to be box office for whatever team the two could land.

The Lakers could have over $20 million in salary-cap space in the 2023 offseason. They would be able to sign a third max contract player in the 2024 offseason. There is no indication on whether the Lakers will make a play for Bronny if he enters the draft to keep “The King” in L.A. in 2024.

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