Forbes Magazine Names Carmelo Anthony NBA’s Most Overpaid Player/Human Punching Bag

Despite being the league's second-leading scorer, Carmelo Anthony has been a human punching bag for New York fans and media. Forbes piled on by releasing a list naming Anthony as the NBA's most overpaid player.

Big time scorer who can really get on a roll at times – just very inefficient. Anthony shoots 44% and gets fewer than three assists per game. Forget LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Anthony doesn’t even measure up to former Knick Zack Randolph, who makes $3 million less playing in Memphis.

Try telling the Heat, Hawks and Bucks that Anthony deserves to be on a list of overpaid players that includes Ben Gordon, Hedo Turkoglu and Joe Johnson. In three games this month, Anthony has scored at least 40, tying Bernard King's franchise record, while the Knicks are in control of the Eastern Conference's second seed in the midst of their 10-game winning streak. As long as Melo can carry this up into the playoffs, he can silence all the critics.


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