Forbes Crowns Hip Hop’s Wealthiest

Forbes put out it's annual list of billionaires and also calculated hip hop's wealthiest. The list is basically who you'd expect, with P. Diddy leading the way with $580 million, Jay-Z with $475 million, Dre with $350 million, Birdman at $150 million, and 50 Cent checks in with $125 million…at least.

These five have all diversified their income to make millions. Diddy has Ciroc, Jay has Live Nation and the Barclays Center, Dre has Beats and Birdman is moving in that direction with a clothing line and GT Vodka. But 50 might have them all beat. 

50 responded to Forbes' claim that he was worth $125 million by saying, "I've got way more." Forbes' method for calculating wealth is here, and it's possible they may have missed something — if Fif is still hiding money in shoeboxes. It doesn't really matter, though. In a few years, if not next year, the businessman known as Curtis Jackson is likely to skyrocket up this list.

50's hands are everywhere. He has stock in Vitamin Water that was bought by Coke, is entering the headphone market that Dr. Dre currently owns 65% of with his SMS Headphones, invested in a condom line and an energy drink in addition to giving much of the money back to charity. Oh, and he's also reppin' boxers on the side. 

If his relatively rapid ascent is any indication — his debut album came out in 2001, Jay's dropped in '96 — his business acumen is on point. Even if none of these companies turns into another Beats or Vitamin Water, he's likely to keep profit coming in some of these emerging markets.


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