Floyd Mayweather Verbally Sets It On Robert Guerrero From The Jump

Floyd Mayweather is cooking with his favorite ingredients as he prepares for his May 4th showdown with Robert Guerrero on Showtime. It's his normal pre-fight routine: sounding off, speaking in phrases (“They put 43 in front of me…”), verbally bullying his opponents – the usual.


We know everything there is to know about Money Mayweather (Floyd is still a mystery to the public) and nothing about Robert Guerrero, yet the conversation is still about Mayweather. He makes sure it always is.


It's one of his most effective ploys, getting in his opponents' heads with ease. Victor Ortiz didn't stand a chance. Floyd literally laughed him off in a pre-fight interview with Max Kellerman before going choke-hold at the weigh-in. He hit Shane Mosley with the steroid allegations over and over. He doesn't let his foes get any of the spotlight, the attention or a chance to speak. Throw in his arrogant antagonizing, and, by the time the fights arrive, you've got boxers ready to take Floyd's head off. But strategy beats mania every time.


The grease is already getting hot for Guerrero. Mayweather brought all his goods to a commercial shoot, going after Guerrero (or “Guerrera,” Floyd wasn't sure) repeatedly.




By the end, Guerrero says, “When I get heated, I'm swinging. That's the type of guy I am.”




Not only is Guerrero already talking about Mayweather being in his head, he doesn't look nearly in the kind of shape Mayweather does.


Mayweather kept it going in a recent interview, even seasoning a potential future opponent, Canelo Alvarez.


Tell Canelo to do his own pay-per-view, if he's such a big name. Let's see if he's going to do his own pay-per-view show. I bet he don't. Man, his red-head, freckle-faced ass better just sit back and wait in line. If I feel like choosing him, I'll choose him. If you get a lottery ticket, then you step up to the plate and you get your payday. Right now, Guerrero has his lottery ticket.



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