Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Honors His Father At Nevada Boxing HOF With Touching Tribute

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. recently gave his father a touching tribute at the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.

“I never looked up to no fighter but this man right here,” said Floyd, Jr. with his father standing at his side on stage.

“This is my inspiration. I take my hat off to every legendary champion, but, in life this was my only champion. Deserved.”

The 7th Annual Induction Gala was held over the weekend at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. The 2019 class consisted of Bernard Hopkins, Juan Manuel Marquez, Joel Casamayor, Leroy Haley, Wayne McCullough, Hasim Rahman, Bobby Chacon, Humberto Gonzales, Terry Norris, and Ronald “Winky” Wright among the many others.

Floyd Mayweather, Sr. was inducted under the Non-Boxer Participants as he is a coach since retiring professionally in 1990.

The two had a famously rocky relationship that spilled over into the first-ever HBO 24/7 pre-fight lead-up series that chronicled the De La Hoya vs. Mayweather fight in 2007.

The two blew up in the Mayweather Boxing Club in full view of the cameras and it was a moment that lived with them forever.

However, Mayweather, Jr. made sure that on his father’s night of celebration that he would fully bury that hatchet and rectify the views he has on his father as the biggest inspiration in his life.

With all the machinations Floyd, Jr. has unleashed into the world, it is touching to see him vulnerable and humbled for his father.

Black men are good fathers dispelling any false narratives and must be celebrated as such. Salute.

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